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How fun! I got tagged! Lance, I'll get on it as soon as I can (and my post about Mr. Copperfield), as soon as I can. I'm visiting and have to share the computer with the whole family.

blue girl

"Sean Hanity’s barber" --?

But think of all the fun you could have!

I'd pay you A LOT to shave him with a straight razor!


I got caught up in this over at Making Light and put my answers there. If you want eclectic answers from the readership, that's the "go-to" thread.


O - I have been very tempted to just go off on this one myself (like Roy), but you topped the meme, my man! This one begs for commentary and a little contrarian expansion.
And, btw, I worked with a woman who had done a stint in Juneau - other than only being able to leave by boat or plane (and roads that just petered out on the edge of town), she loved it.


Silly nerd that I am, I did both and posted them here.



I lived in Muncie too, as a kid.

Carsons Ribs = heaven



I lived in Naperville as a kid too (my parents could sure pick 'em)!



Could've been worse. You could have lived in Romeoville.

Woo. *shudder*

Anne Laurie

I like your questions better than the originals, which seemed kinda Up-with-People to me. As for those Four Foods You Don't Really Like... sounds like you may have a "fat tooth". Fat being a great energy source & not easy to find in a state of nature, some of are genetically primed to crave the stuff like bears crave honey. Of course, once we're on the metabolic downslope of our wild-human careers (i.e. anything past, say, age 25), we don't digest the now-all-too-easy-to-acquire fatty foods very well. So the chocolate-iced donuts & fried onions are irrestistable until they're past our esophagi, whereupon the rest of the internal organs spend the next several hours nanny-nagging us about our nutritional crimes. I've known recovering alchoholics who've said it was harder to give up donuts (or burgers) than booze, though...


The reason I hate Lost in Translation has everything to do with the four places I've lived. And I don't blame you for not wanting to watch it again.

The Countess

Sean Hannity's barber? Would you clip his ear and nose hair? ;)

I love the original cast recording of "Man Of La Mancha". I see why you don't want to get rid of it.

You should try "Lost" ASAP. Rent it from Blockbuster. That show is addictive.

One place I don't go to anymore but I wish I could is the bar Lucky Ned Peppers, in Maryland. It's closed now. Developers bought the place, and turned it into the clubhouse for a golf course. It is an old and huge Revolutionary War-era house. A Union sympantizer was hanged on the grounds, and his ghost supposedly haunts the place. There are nooses all over the bar to commemorate poor Ned, who wasn't so lucky. I used to grab a book, and sit in the sitting room, in between the bar and the dart boards in the back. There was always a roaring fire in the sitting room. I'd get my drink, read my book, and hang out. I miss that place. Wish I saw a ghost, but I never did see one there.

blue girl

Oh, sure -- make it look like I can't spell Hannity -- !


"...kinda Up-with-People"

Ahem. As an alum of one of its local feeder groups (NoVa, 1968) I should feel offended by your tone, but when they affiliated with the Moral Majority they lost me, so... ;)


but the arrrival of the police and Interpol nipped that romance in the bud

Lance, if you had not only the police chasing you but also Interpol when you were in college, I dare say that increases your coolness by a factor of 10.

Mad Kane

Very funny, and far better than the original questions.


Oh damn. I've been tagged. It was all such smug fun watching everyone else get the treatment.

Well, I'm home from my holiday road trip [staying with a sister who has a faster internet connection than I, but has IE instead of Firefox--a wash at best], so I'll have to get cracking.

And like burritoboy, I also lived in Muncie IN for some time, although as a faculty member, not a kid [the punchline's right there, folks--don't be shy]. So that one's going to be a little tricky.


The Heretik

Lost in Translation kicks ass! Consider that a late Christmas present, brother.


If I was some old washed-up dude with a fantasy of having a a young girl in love with me, I'd love Lost in Translation, too. ;-)

The Countess

I couldn't get into "Lost In Translation", and I love Bill Murray. Some American comedies just leave me hanging. Another one that was recommended to me was "I (Heart) Huccabees". The Count and I hated it. Sorry, but you don't tell viewers what Existentialism is. You have to show it to them, and let the comedy flow from the showing. I don't think Americans can handle Existentialism in a movie. The movie ends up being pretentious and boring. As far as I'm concerned, only the French can do an Existential action movie. Anything with Jean Reno in it is a good bet. We just saw L'Empire des Loups (Empire of the Wolves). THAT was an Existential action movie, and we loved it. Jean Reno rocks!


Waycross, GA! Ha! That's where my Dad's whole side of the family lives. He couldn't get out of there fast enough, and whenever I go visit my Grandma, I think "Man, I'd kill myself if I had to live in Ware County."

Now, Athens is another story ...

Great questions. Much better than the original.

The Heretik

O great Mememeister! Creator of words wise who waxes profound! O great Mememeister who whacks the wicked with wit! Beware! Another meme virus is headed your way.

O, do you have immunity yet?


Big Night! How I adored that movie. It does indeed hold up during repeated viewings on the small screen, and what's more, the soundtrack on CD is SO worth buying. You play it while you cook, preferably something garlicky and delicious. And you drink a bottle of Brunello all the while.

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