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Heh, you and me both, LM.

Exiled in NJ

Me too, wonder if everyone is 16,


Odd, me too.

I always thought fifteen was a terrible age because you are on the cusp of more freedom, but not quite there yet. You are almost allowed to drive, but still have to rely on your parents for getting around. You feel like you're old enough, but really you're just not.

I agree with you about 10 and 11. Then you have total freedom, or at least I did. The world was mine oyster, I could bike anywhere. Plus I was beginning to build a babysitter empire at that point and always had pocket money for books and candy.


I, too, view 10 as an excellent year. When you are 10, you still haven't gone through puberty and let's face it, that changes everything. They say you are most likely your true self before puberty hits and the enraged hormones start running the show.

As far as this test goes, I am 16 as well. It looks like the majority of people land there according to the quiz results. Maybe it's the perfect blend of childhood and adulthood.

Lance, what made 27 your happiest?

mrs. norman maine

I'm 6, even though I clicked "hell yeah!" on the sex question. It must have been the unicorn.


I got 10 because I clicked on the pony for every question - where's my pony, damnit!


ugh. I'm 16, too. Please no. I'd rather be 96 than 16.


I managed to hit 10 also.

I think ponies are in the air...


I got 10, even though my preferred mode of transportation was a car. Where's the quizmaster live? I don't want to be in the same town as a place where 10-year-olds can drive!


I noticed that it did not say "driving a car", but just said "car". A kid could prefer to be driven around.

Exiled in NJ

Do ya think that somehow this test is fixed to give everyone a 16 or a 10? On a cold morning like this, looking at the leaves that have piled on the lawn since last raking, my inner child feels about 59.

Sean-Paul Kelley

Jeez, y'all are a lot more mature than me. I was 6 years old! I guess it was all those dinosaur questions I got suckered on. And the thing about girls being 'icky' I guess that's what marriage does. LOL.

Anne Laurie

I got 10 also, but the reasoning behind that (paraphrased, "you are old enough not to care what adults think") makes it seem a reasonable choice. Sitting and thinking about the issue, though, confirmed that my life has pretty much been an irregular but steady trend upwards on the Happiness Chart. Possibly because my actual childhood circumstances weren't the best, and/or because I never had kids of my own, I'm overall happier at 50 than I was at 40; I was happier at 40 than I was at 30; and so forth. There have been moments, even days, of supreme happiness scattered throughout the last 50 years. But ever since I realized life would offer me alternatives (somewhere around age 5), I've done my scattered best to ensure that every year would be a little more satisfying (by my own admittedly eccentric measures) than the year before. I'm living in a place I enjoy, in a house that suits me, with dogs and cats and a garden that's big enough to enjoy & small enough not to get too far out of hand. I've got a long-term partner that I love and who loves me -- something I'd never have predicted at age 20 or even 30, although I met said partner before I turned 20. My only health issues are the sort of minor chronic complaints (like mild allergies) that punish me just enough to make me happier when they go into remission again. I've got enough money to buy more books than I have time to read, and even though I'm not employed at the moment, because I've got a partner I don't have any immediate money worries. And, most of all, I know that I can be sick, broke, scared, isolated, and desperate -- or any combination -- and yet survive and be happy again. Which, at least for me, is the most important factor to "happiness".

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