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Lance, I really enjoyed your post. It brought back wonderful memories of many late-night conversations I had with my father. Thanks for sharing.

The Viscount

Funny, I wrote about my Dad today too, before I came here for my daily visit.

Nice post Lance.

Just a lefty whack-job

Did you express this opinion to your Dad? And if so, what was his response? Does he think you are cynical? I happen to agree with you -- but, admire your Dad for still having some faith in the integrity of the profession.

My mother-in-law came over last week and said that she only wants to watch the news where the reporter is "objective." And I said, "Are there any?" And she said, "Yes, I now only watch Wolf Blitzer."


And what is with Chris Matthews? Like he knows Bush *personally.* Like any of us do. He can be thick sometimes.

Good post Mr. Mannion.

Kevin Wolf

I agree. An excellent post.

Another side to this is that reflected in polls showing fewer and fewer people believe what they see in the mainstream media - including the NY Times.

Sure, there are the loyalists who watch Fox News and hang on every word because it all reinforces their preconceptions. But the average American - if I can presume to include your Dad, I do - is less likely to believe ANYTHING they see these days. I'm guessing a point will come when he'll feel that himself.

A crisis of confidence? Or a breaking of shackles? A good development or bad?


Maybe the phrase "yesterday's paper is fishwrap" should be updated to read "today's paper is nearly all fishwrap."

My mother and I discuss politics far more than my father and I ever did, for some reason I've never tried to explain to myself. He was just as much a New Deal Democrat as she is, but he wasn't much on talking about it.


This "likeable" business has always puzzled me, as has the "regular guy" business. He is so glaringly obviously the condescending, overprivileged frat boy who knows his own place in the world and lets his inferiors know theirs that I've never understood why anyone thinks any different. Only in his mediocre abilities does he have anything in common with the common run of folks, and his sneering attitude toward those lesser mortals who must justify their place in the world by their abilities or accomplishments is the flip side of his towel-snapping brio. Why does anyone buy this?


you're a METS FAN????

mac macgillicuddy

I think this is relevant here:

Yesterday I was listening to my semi-daily five-minute dose of idiot fathead Rush (all I can stand, though I listen for the same reasons as OPM), and was priviledged to hear him say (and I'm paraphrasing here), "In an ideal world, the press would think about being Americans FIRST, and they would cooperate and print what the government wanted them to print for the sake of national security."

Paraphrasing, but not very far from the actual wording.

God bless the Bill of Rights, every one!

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