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Such a nice tribute to your father. Good dad. Good son.

cali dem

Ah ha! Now I know why you are such a reasonable (no, not sentimental, although what really is wrong with being sentimental every now & then?) voice when writing about politics - you know that sometimes elected officials or politicians are *real people.*


The Heretik

A good reminder of how split "New York" is in politics. Republicans exert far more influence still than most non New Yorkers might realize. Upstate New York and Long Island might as well be in a different universe from The City, as even people from Queens refer to Manhattan.

Tilli (Mojave Desert)

Looking forward to Part Two, with its "interesting and surprising circumstances"!


Nice to have this after your other post. I like your running stories, good technique too :)

Nice to see your pop was a nice guy in politics. That probably explains a lot about you ;)

Exiled in NJ

This is lovely, just lovely and it so portrays what I saw of the politics of that area.

When we found our dream house in the town of Kinderhook, we did not realize that New York State required a lawyer to represent us. Our realtor gave us a name; he turned out to be the Democrat who ran for supervisor. He got us registered, explaining that "Independent" was a party in NY, unlike in PA, so we became Democrats.

Our 'next door' neighbor, whose house sat a quater mile away and had a paddock for his horse, was a GOP Mahoff, being an Under Secretary of NY State. He ran for supervisor against our lawyer twice and lost both times by less than ten votes.

I might have voted for him, but in five years there, he spoke to me twice: once to offer to plow my drive just after I'd run the John Deere blower over it and the second time to tell me to get my dog off his land.

If I ever think of voting GOP, I think of KS [his initials] and grab a knife to cut off the hand that might pull that lever.

Your description of the board meetings and issues sounds like those in Columbia County. I wonder if you have any old "Mannion" signs that dotted the lawns of your Dad's locale.


It's local, all right, and no better model than your Pop's career. I'm eager to hear Part 2, but, as you said in Part 1, "...after ten years it wore him down." More of the no-tax/services-anyway bunch should give it a shot. I don't think most people have any idea what a bitch it is to provide what they take for granted in the way of their local and immediate public services - water, sewage, fire and rescue, cops, streets, bridges, keeping the public ways clear of excess brush, picking up road kill, pest name it. Just because they take it for granted, they don't pay that much attention to who's in charge, until it's too late, usually.

The recent fuck-ups in national disaster relief may have jolted a lot of people, but I still think far too many are working harder at rationalization and scapegoating and profiteering than are converted to a vision of the common good. Not a new story, but still an ugly one.

Anyway, on to the local turn-around saga, Lance! What changed? And props to Pop!!

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