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I got initially hooked on your movie and reviews. I was pleasantly surprised when you started on politics and I realized we agree....


....and BOOK reviews....


Lance- I like the fact that you don't stick to one thing. You are like true conversation. Your blog is like going to the restaurant you like and finding out what today's special is going to be. Some specials fill the bill more than others, but all are good.

As for turning into a Hallmark card when waxing poetic about autumn, I feel the same way when it comes to painting it. It is incredibly hard to do it justice and most attempts come out looking gaudy. Somehow they all look like the crayon resists of my childhood.


It's the eclectic Lance Mannion we've all come to know and love. Keep on surprising us.

Kevin Wolf

Lance, if the subject at hand is on your mind enough to cause you to write, it must be the one to pursue. You can't force these things, I guess.

Anyway, I love a good Bush bashing.


If you live in the tropics, writing about the weather is not an option. It's the same all the time (the standard joke out here is that there's no real need for TV weather people, since all you have to do is put up a daily graphic which says "windward and mauka showers"), and it annoys people who suffer through winter snows and blizzards.

Reading about other people's weather observations makes me reminisce about times I lived in places where there were distinctions between seasons. It helps when people write those observations well.

Exiled in NJ

Every time I think I've become a full-fledged Jersey shore resident, you print something like this that sends me back to golden days in Columbia County. I read again piece I wrote then and found one where the dog was tasting snow flurries that fell on October 23rd that year. Ah, yes, there is that magic moment the 'S' word first appears in the forecast. The kindly man on Albany TV would first have it hit the 'hilltowns.' Wondered if there are such down there in Orange County.


You want yer unaffected, non-purple nature writing, you might take a look at Loren Eisely.



Eisely! Thanks for reminding me. Haven't read him in a long while. Another good nature writer is Robert Finch, who has the advantage over Eisely of being alive and living on Cape Cod.


Yes, I like Finch. And still being alive is mighty convenient.


Of course, at his best, I thought James Wright saw nature through a glass clearly.
Hart Crane too, but tending towards purplish.


This is my own. Although the word "purple" appears nowhere, it always feels too purplish.


Sky steps into cornflower
and sun glides in a nimbus
of browns and blues, soaped in
day at sky water edges.

Wheat froths lean before
breezes of green, breezes
of yellow. See how she reads
like a child, quiet, absorbed

in such a chaos of crows
as this. She pushes hair
from her face again, unaware
of these bubbles of wheat and wind

that I keep writing around her.
She harvests words as day
gathers her. Rejoined
in the open book, all hues

unite on her face, married
in white, out of the sun,
flowing field and a school
of black birds, leaping upstream.


I know what you mean. I started out wanting to be the Bill Bryson of the blogging world and I've ended up ranting about affairs in the States more often than not.


We are in the very latest days of beautiful Fall here in Oregon. The oaks are getting all bronze-y, there's a towering maple across the street still turning scarlet (not as bright as it might in the NE, but not bad...), and our backyard maple is going all butter-yellow. It's like sunshine without the sun.

Somewhere around here I have a b&w pic I took (I love Tri-X!) of a Portland park with trees still in full leaf but utterly illuminated from within by the leaf change. Gotta find it and scan it to share. I may even be able to correct some others where my finger stole into the corner of the frame (it was an awfully small camera, and I got big paws) - I mean, what the hell else is Photoshop good for?

And, Lance, for the anniversary - I found you through Wolcott. As usual, he was right.

Self-pimp link:
Thin edge of the web

I have been sweating this one for days. And I don't think I had to mention Bush once - if ever there was a Prez who was a figurehead, or meat puppet, it's him. An unholy defense at the gates of Heaven, but what's a mere anthropoid to do?

Fun party game - what little corner of Pandaemonium would Milton assign to Georgie, and what would he be doing?


*blush* *scuffs toe in the dirt*

Aw, you're so sweet. Given the quality of your own writing, I'm feeling very honored by your praise!

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