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I agree... Desperation is not necessarily a good thing. It's vaguely amusing, but what will they do next?


i agree. a schizophrenic administration with no
conscience and no inner-gyroscope---they might try ANYTHING. bets on syria, anybody?


It ought to be about time for another terror alert...


Jeez, the Bushies can't even get their timing right. They laid this out to steal Fitzgerald's thunder, and missed it by a day.


I'm predicting the "1st American case of avian flu" will hit on Fitzmas Day.

Anyone want to bet?


Who will fill the void?


Harriet resigning isn't the news... the next wacky SCJ nominee will be the *news*. And that can happen any time. It could even happen, just by chance, to fall on Fitzmas. Just by way of any example.

Jeff Boatright

Nah. Frist reported to the WH last night that without a better show of competence (!), several Republican senators simply weren't willing to play ball. The Specter-types aren't ruled by the fundies (yet). They weren't even interested in her actions while in the WH. They just wanted to know if she had clue one about con law.

So, she was probably nerfed for all the deeply correct reasons. Sadly in these days, that's both satisfying and unsatisfying at the same time.


Lance you should really read the post over at America Blog on the subject. We've all got to start figuring out what we are going to do to save the Republic at this point. The Republicans are so disorganized right now they couldn't pull off anything complicated.

cali dem

Listening to David Frum today was something else. Scary times.


My mother always told me Eisenhower had already proved the country didn't have to have a president ...

Anne Laurie

I think it was pretty clever of Fitzgerald to announce this first indictment when he did... I'm presuming it's part of his strategy, or anti-strategy. One thing the Department of Justice is combatting, in its role as The Grown-Ups brought in to clean up after the Republicans' drunken, destructive, juvenile beer-blast of a "New American Century" minus 95 years, is the mindset that positioning, spin, and photo-ops are the most important part of running the country. Having a low-key, Friday-afternoon announcement to make it clear that (a) things are happening, (b) things will go on happening, and (c) things will happen based on a schedule of routine and deadlines, instead of "events" and "opportunities", not only ruins the weekend for the Republican malefactors and their defense lawyers, it signals to the rest of us (and the rest of the world) that The Grown-Ups have settled in for the long haul. Announcing Libby's indictment on a Friday afternoon means that, by Monday, it'll be an established event, not a "hot item" for the late-night comedians and the Faux News commentators. It plays the Bush administration's "strength" at instant spin for the long-term political weakness it actually is. Remember, in movie terms, the REALLY scary monster isn't the showy horror that leaps out of the darkness howling, the horror that can be faced & destroyed... it's the relentless, implacable Thing that keeps following you, and following you, and following you, the Thing you can't quite see and can't quite outrun. I'm hoping that Fitzgerald is the Thing haunting quite a few Beltway dreams this weekend, and over the coming weeks, months, and years.

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