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Kit Stolz

Personally, I'm reluctant to play airchair psychologist, because I think it actually lets the current placeholder in the office off the hook. It implies that because he has some sort of problem, he cannot be expected to make good decisions or lead the nation competently. As Lincoln and FDR and JFK and others have shown, physical or psychological issues don't stop good presidents from leading well.

I think more interesting is the question of why the chip on his shoulder appeals to a large segment of the voting population, in somewhat the same way that back in the Vietnam War, an ugly man known to be a paranoid liar ("Tricky Dick") was elected twice to the presidency.

Still, there's no doubt that Bush II's manner invites such speculation. Here's a perfect example of why he seems to be on the verge of cracking up in today's Washington Post:


"[E]ven in the midst of a crowd when he should be acting most Presidential he will seem to be in his own, rather childish world."

Wasn't Edmund Morris pilloried for saying something similar about the Great Communicator? In any event, this does not seem very different from the affects of other famous people, except that, in most cases, their private worlds are less obviously childish than coldly sealed. I have often wondered whether, after a certain number of years of being famous, ordinary people cease to be visible.


Just think of the fun you could have tearing into a straw man who repeatedly misspells "alcoholism."

blue girl

Just have to rant here for a minute. lmeade: why pick on misspelligs (oops! I just misspelled misspellings! -- and I'm not even going to fix it!! Ha!) instead of the meaning of the post? It's the easiest way to slam someone. And slamming people because of their grammar or spelling -- or simply -- typos -- is like a fever running through the blogosphere lately.

It's boring and it's getting on my nerves.

Feel free to come on over to my blog anytime you want to judge all my faults. I promise you -- I am a source of neverending punctuation entertainment! It'll be an easy way to feel superior.



Yeah, what an idiot! What a dope! Guy like that shouldn't be allowed near a blog. They should...




I'll go fix it.


Thanks for the defense, but Imeade was trying to help me out here. That was a pretty big goof, especially since I misspelled alcoholism in a post title.


I am no clinical psycologist, but I DO live with some ADD folks in my family...and Ole Child-In-Chief GW does NOT seem like any of them, nor exhibit the traditional "characteristics" as hallmarks of the condition. Tho' the medications work WONDERS...if he'd only been diagnosed correctly. And it's clear if it doesn't work too!!

I would tend to the idea that he has multiple learning problems and his alcoholism (and resultant permanent brain damage from years of drinking), but has never been properly treated for any of them!!

blue girl

Yeah! You're a knucklehead -- I should've added that to my comment. Just kidding -- like I said I was just ranting.

For all I know lmeade is your best buddy just razzin' ya.

I'll keep my emotional outbursts to myself from now on!

Or maybe I won't. It'll depend on my mood at that time.



blue girl - Thanks, but I think I'll pass. Feeling superior doesn't interest me. Perhaps I missed Lance's essential point, but this is what he said that struck me:

"And none of this may be true. I'm not really interested in Bush here. I'm thinking out loud about learning disabilities."

He said that after a lengthy speculative unlicensed analysis of George Bush's psychological profile, concluding that GWB suffers learning disabilities - a speculative analysis with few, I might add, known facts. His blog; his right. My snarky comment was nothing more than a reminder of the Confucian admonition about glass houses and stone-throwing. I see the misspellings have been graciously corrected. It's my humble opinion that more Bush opponents would serve themselves (and others) well by practicing the same sense of grace. But I could most certainly be wrong.


Oops. It appears that I'm the slow one around here. As my friend Gordon, father of a Downs Syndrome son likes to say, "Hey, we're all a little retarded."

BTW, didn't George W. have a sister with a mental disability who died in childhood?


Lance, I think the whole issue is pretty well summed up here.

blue girl

lmeade: We're definitely all hyprocrites on a certain level -- and yes, as your friend would say -- all just a little retarded, too.

My beef was with you going after the typos. It's so easy and all of a sudden, everyone's doing it.

We've got a guy here who works thoughts out -- I would say *on paper* -- but, more accurately, on screen. I haven't known him very long -- but I would say that he knows when he's hurling those stones for sure. I don't believe it has to be pointed out to him.

But still feel free to drop by my blog -- no special feelings of superiority needed -- ever.

Lance -- I'm not so much defending you -- as I'm sure you can take care of yourself -- um. um. Ok -- I was defending you -- so sue me.


XTC, sometimes you just have to say it with music. But, folks, don't click on XTC's link if your kid or minister is standing within earshot, as I did.


My lawyers will be in touch.


Wish I had checked in earlier today, because the subject of how Dubya got into this fix (and the rest of us along with him) has long bugged me. other people's brainstorms have preoccupied me locally, however, so here is my fast and loose.

Along with res, I have some (intermittent) sympathy for the guy for being thought a dolt; I don't think he is one, but that feeling is based on very scattered reports of private behavior when he was comfortable, e.g., a Yale reunion where he made a gracious remark to a transgendered classmate. Thing is, I don't think he gets much of a chance to be comfortable, and that he knows he's a tool - an instrument, really - of people more ambitious and ruthless, smarter and focused than he is himself. Maybe this started with his family, maybe it got rolling with his cronies (and maybe that's why he depends on them so much), but it's got to gnaw at him.

Whatever the cause, I find Jane's clocking him as a "dry drunk" rather persuasive. She seems to know what she's talking about, and the volatility and petulance and anger Bush displays when he's out of his depth (and he knows it) backs her up. Devil's bargain he made, and he's paying, Big Time.

Speaking of whom, I'm looking forward to Big Dick's Belly of the Beast memoir (he should live so long...) about how - among other things - he chose himself to be Toolmeister.

I am giddy from fasting and a waxing moon - have at me!

[Note to Lance - I'm astounded at the suggestion. Can't generate enough content at my own place, though that doesn't keep me from mouthing off here and elsewhere (Hi, bg! Hi, res!) - what will I do with a formal opportunity to open my yap even more? Oy!]

mac macgillicuddy

"who along with Exiled in NJ, mac magillicuddy"

Hey, don't drag ME into this!


Sorry, Lance! Should have said NSFW, or turn the speakers down ... but it's a catchy tune, ain't it? An anthem for our times...

The Heretik

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