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Shakespeare's Sister

What's he got?

Flop sweat.



And that reminds me that I never finished the point I was driving towards in Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?... and It's always been about Whitewater . . . I'll post it tomorrow so you can all ignore it over the weekend.

::taps foot::

::points at watch::


The Day Earth Stood Still. Somebody noticed that the church clock in the background did not move during the speech. The timing, thus, was off. Bush, alone, in the semi-darkness of the deserted city, sweating, talking to the shadows. What a metaphor for where his Presidency is going!

mac macgillicuddy

"Bush's call for the military to intervene in future disasters was the most surreal and nightmarish moment of the entire dark drama writ in words black and blue last night."

I didn't watch the speech either. In fact, I forgot it was on until it was over and it was too late to watch it if I'd wanted to. Which I didn't.

And I've been avoiding any punditry and post-performance analysis, mainly because I had a feeling it would be as Lance describes it as being.

But I did catch wind of the part the Heretick notes, and I felt the same chill of the Bush drive toward jackbooted control wafting over me that the Heretick felt.



I have readers in Hawaii, so tomorrow---that is, today---lasts until 11:59 PM Honolulu time.


"why they thought she would object when she pretty clearly had lost control and was begging for federal troops, the Times doesn't say."

Have you not seen the video where Blanco remarks that she shouldn't have waited so long to request federal troops?


You know the Mort Sahl joke? "Cheney is in NYC staying at the Waldorf. Protestors outside. VP comes out...Protestors start yelling at him. VP shouts back 'Ah, go buy your own President if you don't like things the way they are'."

They own the country now. They own the press. They own, for the most part, the Dem leadership. They own, again, for the most part, the Courts. The people inclined to oppose them, the people in positions of relative political power that is: the Kerry's the Edward's, the Reid's the Pelosi's really don't have a clue how to fight this kind of opponent.


Gaijin, I hadn't seen that video, but I'd read similar reports. My sense was that she was wishing she'd asked before Katrina struck, and it looks to me as though the reason for her wishing it is that she was upset at how long it took to get the troops after she asked. So what she was actually wishing was that she'd known ahead of time that the Feds would be so slow to act.

But I was wrong about this. The Times does address the issue of her giving up control:

Aides to Ms. Blanco said she was prepared to accept the deployment of active-duty military officials in her state. But she and other state officials balked at giving up control of the Guard as Justice Department officials said would have been required by the Insurrection Act if those combat troops were to be sent in before order was restored.

The question is was the JD's interpretation correct? So Bush could be not angling for more power but for clarification of the existing law and some way to make it easier to get the troops in to help the next time. A change in the law that allows the Feds to send in the troops without the local authorities having to give up their control of everything might be all he wants. But sad experience tells us that when the Bush Leaguers ask for an inch, they take a mile, and a new law supposedly written for the next Katrina could turn out to be useful for the next big anti-war protest in Crawford.

Exiled in NJ

"But sad experience tells us that when the Bush Leaguers ask for an inch, they take a mile, and a new law supposedly written for the next Katrina could turn out to be useful for the next big anti-war protest in Crawford."

Or the next time the Reichstag burns, or there is a deadlocked election.

Red Tory

I wrote a little piece on the symbolic aspects of Bush's speech the other night here. It was funny to see Dowd confirm in the NYT this morning that I was far from being alone in perceiving the "Disney" aspect of the charade.


Thank you for writing this. I'd been listening to the speech on the radio with half an ear until that point, which made me scream out loud. If FEMA had been working, and the National Guard had been home, there would have been no need for the additional troops, so asking for more of the latter without addressing the former is duplicitous in the extreme. The administration does not need more power; it needs to make better use of the resources it already has (and which we've supposedly been paying for).


Hey, the prez has a really nice blue shirt that matches his background! Rana, you missed the good stuff by listening to it on the radio!

As for Bush acting like a president and actually helping hurricane victims, he's going to do what he's always done, just on a larger scale. He's sending down oodles of trailer parks. Rebuild on the cheap as per usual. That way, the administration can use resources for what they want rather than for what the nation needs.

cali dem

Confession: I'm shallow. I didn't watch his speech. Didn't read the transcript either. I have, however seen the photos and think I know what I need to know just by the weird setting and the fact that his shirt was misbuttoned. Gawd, are we in trouble.

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