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You're right - I was already thinking the other day that some enterprising writer is whipping up a script of a woman struggling to keep her family alive, and that puppy will be sold to Lifetime, sure as the world.

But last night I saw the NBC interview with one of their photojournalists who had been inside the Convention Center. The photojournalist was choking up while describing the horrors and death inside that place ... and the sheer magnitude of the suffering makes me think that the calvary is coming too late. And that photojournalist definitely stepped away from the script that other channels are writing.

I know the cavalry will come - but I wish they came faster. I guess I take it personally because I live in San Francisco, and I ask myself, "What if the big quake happens to us? Will anyone be able to help?"


You know, though, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I'd better get cooking on that Lifetime script. I don't think it would be bad ... is Valerie Bertinelli available?

Kevin Wolf

Exccellent post, Lance. I know New Orleans will bounce back in one way or another. Never wrote it off - it's been around too long.

I guess it's a question of degree. How bad is it down there? What is lost and will never be fixed or replaced? It will take some time to find out.

Meanwhile, the degree of destruction and awfulness in the aftermath is worse than it needed to be. I think we need to address that sooner rather than later.

Shakespeare's Sister

Such a ray of sunshine this morning, Lance!

(I know that sounds sarcastic, especially coming from me, but it's not, I swear.)

(Okay, maybe half sarcastic, but not because I mean it; just because I can't help it.)


This is such an excellent post, Lance.

What I'm wondering is whether the administration bullshit that is already flowing (with the willing aid of the corporate media) will be able to wipe from our collective memory the horrific images we've seen over the past five days.

Given what this administration has overcome so far (everything from My Pet Goat to the lack of WMDs to the Abu Ghraib photos) -- and given, as you point out, the media's love of tragic stories with happy endings -- there is a lot of reason to think that they will be able to whitewash this one, too.

But I sure as hell hope that the spin doctors won't be able to spin away the tragic incompetance of this administration, and the unnecessary deaths it has caused.


Possibly, but....

The big difference this time around is that you have reporters on the ground such as Sheppard Smith and Anderson Cooper that have seen this first hand and they have been personally affected by this experience.

When something affects you that personally, it is not easily shed.

I think this is too big and ugly to be wrapped up neatly. Yes, there will be lots of great stories of survival and reunions but this won't change, fundamentally, how millions of people are now aware of how incapable our government is of protecting us.

Commander Ogg

It is one year till the midterm elections. The full power of the right wing noise machine will be unleashed, and while it is self evident that this the most incompetent administration in the 230 year history of this country, they are absolute masters when it comes to politics.

Mind you, they will have to come up with a smooth line of bullsh-t to explain the 5 to 10 thousand dead bodies that will show up in the next few weeks, but do not underestimate the power of the VRWC. Already assholes like mister bowtie F-cker Carlson and Bill 'the luftah' O'Reilly are attempting to redirect resposibility from the Flightsuit in Chief and toward the City and State Government, while denying that race had anything to do with FEMA and the Bush administration leaving those people to die.(

I agree with Shakespeare's Sister, it could swing either way.



I think you're right. Or at least I hope so. I wrote this post Friday morning so it's really a reaction to Thursday's news. Since then I've seen stories that make me feel that things in NO are worse than I thought and I've seen and heard of the reaction of the journalists you mentioned; others have been out there swinging hard too. Bush's photo op tour was weak and made him look small and foolish. Frankly, I'm surprised at how lackadaisical the Bush Leaguers have been since midsummer. I've read rumors that Cheney is sick. Maybe he was more the real President than we knew.

And as you pointed out, the other big story here is how Katrina has shown up how dangerously and insanely unprepared for emergencies the Bush Leaugers are. "What if there's a terrorist attack?" is going to be the question asked around water coolers, in barber shops, at church socials, everywhere for the next several months.

Ogg, I think we'll know next week. If the Republicans are able to hold the Roberts hearings and the hearings come to be the lead stories and all the bodies being found are relegated to the inside pages and the second 10 minutes of the news shows, then the Noise Machine will have done its job.

I think they're going to have to postpone the hearings.

Joe Otterbein

Yes, you are right.

Part of the reason it will happen is the reporters who have "gone native' over the last few days will be, or have been, read the riot act and given their marching orders by their big-fat-media bosses bosses.

I already see it happening. By Monday the whole thing will be just another feel-good story.

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