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Hey Lance--
Thanks for the shout-out. I was lucky enough to catch this episode of the Daily Show live. It's amazing how much Stewart makes me feel better. Is it because he lets me laugh and says everything I'm thinking? I don't know. Good of you to link to it.



What does Rudy know that we don't? There was some speculation on some blogs as to why Cheney and Rove let Bush look bad last week. They, supposedly, should have known better. This pressuposes that the "Rove is genius" meme is correct (which I doubt). Some think there is a rift, or at least a fissure, between Bushies and Cheney/Rove faction in the WH, due to the Valerie Plame investigation. Is Rove going to sacrifice Bush in order to save his skin? Is Cheney positioning himself to become a President now, so when 2008 comes he is an automatic GOP nominee and an incumbent (and there are no GOP primaries to expose the fissures within the GOP grassroots)?

mrs. norman maine

It's funny how minds are turning to Witt these days -- I was trying to think of his name "That great cowboy guy who always seemed to be first on the scene" -- so I finally googled him. Lo and behold, he's just been hired by the LA gov to help with the crisis. One of her few good moves lately.

I believe he was fired, but that in of itself is par for the course with a new adminstration. Now, the two braintrusts who ran FEMA after Bush came in -- that we can gripe about.

Exiled in NJ

Democrats hire 'Blue Ribbon Commissions" when they want answers. These bodies take years to finish their work, produce reports that set tongues clacking, but nothing ever gets done.

When pressed, Repubs call on their cronies to quickly bury the bodies. 'Nothing to see here, move on' describes them perfectly.

Maybe Rudy can find a position for Donna Hanover.


Now this is stuck in my head:

Round and round the cobbler's bench
The monkey (Curious George...)chased the weasel,
The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
Pop! Goes the weasel.

ryan smith

spell his name right, its not gui, go back to watching teh daily show



I did spell his name right. W-e-a-s...

Oh, I see. Ooops. Thanks for the heads up. All fixed now. But let me say this about my copy editor. This is not the time to play the blame game. In fact, I want to tell him right now, "Inky, you're doing a heckuva job."


I love that headline :) I always felt he was a weasel period, and would switch to whatever party gave him the better pay off.

Stuart claims the media stepped up, so I watched some at my friends house the other night. Olberman was right on, then Scarbunion came in with his republican senator (so as to not have any other point of view but theirs) and discussed that the military and the faith groups were the only things that worked and the rest was all the fault of bureaucracy...

Here is some more on beraucracy...


The director of FEMA is a political job, and Witt wasn't fired or quit, he just wasn't reappointed by the new administration.

He opened a private firm, and now isn't too critical of DHS since he's hoping to get contracts, which is what they're all about these days, privatizing disaster management.

Yes, he's been hired by the governor, but one of his companies, I read, was already in charge of emergency preparedness in NO. I'm not sure of all the details, but maybe I can remember where I read this.

harry near indy

speaking of upstaging the big guy ...

iirc, giuliani got rid of william bratton as nypd commissioner because bratton got most of the credit, and rightfully so, for cleaning up new york.

a good/great manager/boss/leader won't take credit for other people's successes. instead, he or she will let them have it and smile because he knows he let them do it.

and why say weasel? why not say -- lower than whale poop at the bottom of the marinas trench?


harry, sometimes I have to sacrifice accuracy for brevity.

Kathy, Thanks for the info. I made the corrections.

cali dem

Lance, thanks for the nod.

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