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Tom Clarke

Great analysis! Lance articulates the ways in which the movie did not rise to the level of the original very well.

I wonder if anyone will try a film of
"Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency"

Paul the Spud

Great review! I also was a little annoyed by the "Hollywood Love Story" plotline, but I think I was able to excuse it a little more easily. I really enjoyed the film. But I agree, not nearly enough "Guide."

I was surprised they didn't go the Lord of the Rings route and make a longer film... they were probably thinking the audience would be mostly teenagers with short attention spans, and cut it down. Frankly, I would have preferred a two to three hour film with a lot more detail that had an ending closer to the book's, but that's the nitpicker in me. I still got quite a kick out of it.

And the Vogons looked how I always pictured them, so I *really* enjoyed their larger role in the film. :)



Zaphod, not Zaphrod?

Otherwise, right on. The makers of the movie kept in on the level of silliness, which I suppose isn't all that surprising. But Douglas Adams definitely had a bit more in mind I think, than just jokes and punchlines. It's easy to dream about leaving home and finding your purpose, or for those of us who watch too much Star Trek, to travel to the future or another planet where they've figured it all out.

Douglas Adams reminds us that it's just as strange and meaningless out there, so don't go getting your hopes up....


Holy Zarquon's singing fish! Thanks for pointing that out, KEn! I don't know why I added the "r" but I think I've been doing it forever. All fixed now.


I saw Hitchhiker in the theatre last May as well. I took my 13 year old son, as he'd read the book.

I was a neophyte Hitchiker girl (which sounds like the title to a possibly really good porn film) and found myself lost throughout. Every once in a while a zinger made sense and registered a giggle. But most of the time I just sat there..ass getting fatter via buttered popcorn...waiting for the credits.

My son oddly enough found the film somewhat lame. He said it was too over-the-top silly. But keeping in mind that this is a kid who combed through the LOTR films looking for things that diverted from the book...maybe that's why.


Lance, thank you. When someone asks why I was disappointed I will simply direct them here. I think this version should have been titled "The Film of the Cliffs Notes* version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with Special Mary Worth Addition" (*-character studies torn out in a freak bookstore incident.)

She Who Had the Bad Sense to Marry Domoni wanted to know what was up with the towel.

That was the greatest failure of this film. The towel was left hanging.


Have you tried this little Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game?

42 Games


Stephen Moore, from the original radio and TV series, was perfect as Marvin. But, yes, if you absolutely had to cast a moderately well-known Hollywood actor in the role instead, then Rickman was a very good choice.



I love Moore's Marvin! He was terrific. He's still terrific. He did the voice for the radio adaptations the BBC did of the last 3 books last year. Did you follow the link from Marvin's name? It's to a great exchange from the original radio series between Marvin and another robot.

Angie, I hadn't seen the game. Thanks for the link.


The towel thing is a verbal joke that is really a sort of one shot thing in the books. See the entry in The Guide. The movie tried to make more of it than it warrants. One of the things Neddie Jingo doesn't like about the movie is that it tries to replace a lot of the book's verbal humor with sight gags. Since Adams' verbal humor is what made the original beloved, it was kind of a perverse decision. Neddie' thumbnail review:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Why did they take such care to surgically remove all the, you know, jokes? Aren't they rather the point? It's exactly what I predicted would happen. Douglas Adams was an amazingly gifted comic writer with an obsessive's ear for rhythm: Anything resembling carefully balanced verbal humor was simply removed by (I'm sure) writing committees who "polished" the script into complete inanity. That's not what I come to Douglas Adams for. (Found another gem the other night while suffering through the horrors of Colonoscopy Prep: "The Vogons are not above a little graft in the same way that the ocean is not above the clouds." That is why I love Douglas Adams' writing.


Nighy steals "The Constant Gardener", too

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