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Exiled in NJ

Maybe THAT store on the other bank of the river in Wappinger Falls was trying to save their patrons on the west side some bridge tolls. From a friend who's been there, the place is the Walmart of Adult product market.

By the way, if you need a photographer I'll tag along.

The Viscount LaCarte

What do you get when you take a bunch of religious nuts, repress their natural sexuality and give them the right to own guns?


A portable red-light district. Nice!

Hey, which strip clubs are near you? If you are feeling intrepid, would you find out if the local Deja Vu chain really has 100 beautiful girls and three ugly ones?


I really admire a reporter who would go to such lengths just to satisfy the curiosity of his readers! You're a dedicated man, Lance Mannion, a dedicated man.

mac macgillicuddy

Actually, computer chips and aides have come (heh) together during the 21st century, so this was potentially a marriage made in heaven.

HOW have they come together, you ask? Well, if you have to ask, you don't want to know, and if you know, shame on you!

Did someone say virtual satisfaction?


Oh, I know , I know!!!! Call on me!!!!

Heh, I read about them new fangled gadgets here in the Deep South. You boys sure do have some perversions in the North and Cal-ee-porn-ia.

You have "interesting looking strip joints" there? They don't make them out of concrete block and neon? Because that's all we have down here. I'd say Montréal is the place for "interesting looking" strip joints.

harry near indy

reporting, eh, lance? so you have a little e-mail exchange with nancy nall and think you're gonna join the fourth estate?

btw, your mention of novelties reminds me of the dialog between w.c. fields and mae west in my little chickadee.

fields gives west his business card. she reads, "cuthbert j. twitty -- novelties and notions?"

fields replies in that drawl that i can't replicate by typing: "ah yes. some are old ..." then he gives west the once-over with his eyes, and adds "some are new."

please see the scene in the movie. it is HIGH-larious.



Of course. Wouldn't be much of a story without pictures, would it?


Although Nance inspires me in many ways, my desire to go out and bring back a story is all my own, the result of reading a lot of John McPhee, Joseph Mitchell, and A.J. Liebling when I was young.

My Little Chickadee is always worth another viewing.


No Deja Vu franchises near us, but when we lived in Indiana there was a club in town that boasted a simliar line up, and I had a friend who claimed to be one of the three ugly ones. She let me see her naked for free, though, so I knew she was lying without having to pay to find out.

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