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One of my childhood nicknames was Scout.


After all the hurricane anger, it is nice to read something that gives me the warm fuzzies.


Indeed, it is very nice. And thats more the speed of celeb gossip I personally like.


What a nice post! Thanks for the story.


I stopped watching West Wing when they brought in the John Goodman character and plot line. It was so stupid my head was about to burst.

Shakespeare's Sister

Sometimes the most unlikeliest friendships are the most fulfilling. One of my greatest friends is a man closer in age to my mother than to me, lives 4,000 miles away, and came to know me because he had a chance meeting with one of my girlfriends in London, who decided we ought to be friends. Come to think of it, he has a degree in law, as well. Perhaps I'll start calling him Atticus.


That is a really awesome story, thanks.

The Heretik

. . . .so maybe I'll see it Maybe you will see movie? After you tell this most charming tale? . . . I must go back and read where you say . . . Maybe you will see this movie with Scout in it? Hmmmm. You are a tricky one, Mannion.


Lawd, Mannion. Just thinking about "Miss Jean Louise, you stand up now. Your daddy's passing by" makes me tear up!

Thanks for the great story.


This is one of my favorite films. This story makes this film even more meaningful to me.

I didn't see "To Kill A Mockingbird" for the first time until about four years ago. I still feel that twinge each time Sheriff Tate tells Atticus about Tom's suicide.

And the lump in my throat at the glorious and too brief performance of Robert Duvall..who's expressions in Jim's bedroom are some of the finest acting on celluloid, IMO.


They really don't make'm like that any more. Good one Lance.



I stopped watching West Wing the year before when they got rid of Tim Matheson as the VP. His character was the only plausible and interesting way of continuing the show after Bartlett's term is up. I've heard from fans the show recovered, but I wouldn't know, since the blonde still refuses to let me watch it with her.


This wasn't supposed to give you the warm fuzzies. It was supposed to inspire you to write that screen play you promised last week. Valerie's waiting to make her big come back.


Duvall. The best. Nuff said.


Nicknames? Plural? You had more than one? Lucky duck. I didn't have any nicknames. Unless you count "Old Whatshisname."


Don't quote that line at me. Chokes me up, every time. That one from Mockingbird and "Goodnight, Mr Roberts."

Davis X. Machina

I voted for "Stand up, Miss Jean Louise, your father's passin'" as the greatest single line in an American film when AFT or someone had a poll a few years ago.

Over and over again, I'm ashamed to admit...

scout prime

Wonderful story. I wasn't aware of this. Thanks

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