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mac macgillicuddy

Hmm, you're just trying to coax me into going to your tip jar!


Would it be cheating if I skipped the first six months when I was on Live Journal and then Blogger? 'Cause those are harder to get to than the Movable Type three and one-half (!) years. (Memoir title: "The Movable Type Years". By Ben and Mina Trott, as told to...


Hard to count up from the beginning, so I'm counting days as posts, but this is five sentences in from the March 3 early post:

"All very smooth and compelling, until you recognize that it's built on pure assertion, and mendacity "

It was describing Richard Perle's presentation in debate with Howard dean, here in Portland. Wouldn't change a word.

The real 23rd post was probably a pic of Ninja Meatwad, but I didn't write it, even if it's just about equally characteristic.



Forget the tip jar. Just support your local sheriff.

Link, each new blog incarnation is a rebirth, so your current blog is your only blog in this lifetime. Thus spake Zarathustra!

Grish, you forgot to include the link to that post.


Ouf! It's here:

BUT - It's the "Find Me a Primitive Man" part, because I remember the Paramount post was done later, by a few hours, and so would have been the 24th (by my very inaccurate count). Was still working out the chronology thing then - a real naif!

mrs. norman maine

Hey, that's right! I'm a regular of long and good standing. I should be called Norm!!!! (for short) every time I wander in here.

That 23:5 meme reminds me of one you posted about grabbing the nearest book and going to a certain page and line. I got as far as looking up the sentence, but never got around to posting it, for whatever reason.

I wish I'd done it though, because at the time I was in my office and the nearest book was one I'd picked up at a hostel in the Catskills. It had a post-it note on it explaining that it was free as long as the reader promised to pass it along. There's was even a Web site in which you could look up the specific book and post your comments about the book and where you were when you found it, where you left it off, etc.

The book at the hostel turned out to be one of the worst science fiction books I'd ever read. The sentence specified by the meme happened to come during the climatic (!) scene in which our heroine is finally forced to fulfill her awful destiny of mating with this giant worm monster in order to save her family. It was very pornographic and very funny (the two are rarely mutually exclusive, sadly), and --

Boy, did I get off the subject on this one. But it's Monday morning and I'm allowed, right? 'Cause I'm one of them reg-u-lars.

David (Austin Tx)

Woah. Apparently Halo-scan freaked out. There are 4 trackbacks to my blog, Supreme Irony. Sorry about that.

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