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And books have been written to try to explain why the media hated Bill Clinton. I've read a few, and none have yet explained it to my satisfaction. I think they bought the "Slick Willie" characterization and ran with it.


Link, it's like you read my mind. It's what my next post is about. Hop on over to the Heretik's for a preview. While you're there leave your own three paragraph short story. Tell Joe Mannion sent you.

blue girl

"My point, my personal guess as to what's going on inside many of the heads of that hydra is that, Krugman's right, they have been telling us pretty stories, but they're stuck with those stories and they have had to stick with those stories out of professional vanity."

I think the tide is slowly turning Lance. Maybe it's just that *August lull* that everyone's always talking about (which I think is a total crock! Yeesh. Some journalists can take July off and some can take August off! The news does not stop because it's vacation season...that really makes me mad.) -- but, last night on the ABC evening news -- their very last segment was about wounded American soldiers home from Iraq. And they focused on this one guy -- paralyzed from the neck down. Really think about that. He didn't have much help when he got home and had trouble (obviously) -- doing things for himself. His apartment was too small. It was not good from A-Z.

His entire community came together to help him. Built him a house, wheelchair accessible, etc.
And, bless his heart, he said he felt grateful.

But, the kicker was -- at the end of the report -- they interviewed those in the community. And they said -- "Why isn't there a system in place? What would happen if we weren't here for him? This is ridiculous."

I've been giving a lot of attention/analysis to Cindy Sheehan on my blog -- and some on the left say she needs to go home now...but, I have to say -- that the MSM coverage has kicked it up a notch because of her. That report last night was the next step, or should I say the first step, reporting on the wounded from Iraq. As much as I pay attention to the media -- I haven't heard that much about them.

I truly believe that the polls are reflecting the way the majority of Americans feel right now. Bush's approval rating is at an all time low. What suckers last November.

And there's this hopeless feeling: What are we supposed to do?

It makes me heartsick. Both for us and the Iraqi's. Oh geez. I'm rambling. Sorry.


You're not rambling at all, blue girl! I was thinking the same thing when I saw that they were closing Walter Reed. Closing one of the major hospitals for wounded soldiers during the war? Oh, everything is so perplexing!

Lance, you are so right that our talking heads won't admit that they're wrong. There's no reason for them to admit they are wrong now. The Fairness Doctrine is dead, and facts are out of style. Facts are bothersome. Facts require work. Facts don't get ratings because they're boring, which is why "The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer" gets yawns instead of the respect it deserves.

The Viscount LaCarte

>But this started before 9/11. It started before the 2000 Election. It started in 1992. It started when the Media decided collectively to hate and despise Bill Clinton.<

I would say it started before that, but we began to notice then. It started with a mantra that was repeated over and over and in spite of all available evidence to the contrary, and is still repeated today:


Those two words, spoken over and over have helped land us in the situation we are in today. I believe that the mantra has influenced the media in only a small way, because corporate ownership of the news delivery system by definition means that we don't get anything close to objectivity anyway. The damage done by those words was done to the population at large, by getting many to believe that the right-leaning corporate-interest serving media was somehow slanted to the left. This influenced people to become all too willing to accept Fox News and the Radio Shills' nonsense as truth.

Too many people have forgotten that the role of the press in a free society first and foremost is to monitor and report on the actions of the government regardless of the adminisration's stated agenda and direction. This is part of the checks and balances in the US Constitution to ensure that the government is accountable to the citizens.

I link to a 1997 documentary at my blog featuring Noam Chomsky, which explains that absolute absurdity of labeling the mainstream us media as liberal.

For those who are really intersted, there is a movie-length documentary featuring Noam Chomsky called Manufacturing Consent which is a little slow but worth the time.


BG and Pepper, it sure looks like you're right. I hope it lasts. I kind of glanced at this. I think the Media is feeling emboldened because the tide has turned among the American people---that is, among their audience and readerships. One thing they fear more than anything is losing customers.

BG, your posts on Cindy Sheehan have been how I've been keeping up on the story. Folks, here's BG's Wednesday post on how Sheehan chased Bush out of Texas. From there you can work your way through her site, which isn't all Sheehan all the time by any means. Today's post on how Blue Girl's trying to convince herself fall really is on the way is a great example of BG waxing lyrical.


I love it when you get political. The problem with the media, however, is not the hydra heads barking in unison with a little intramural neck-biting on occasion. It's the fact that they're ALL owned by four or five corporations, including the profoundly evil defense contractor (among other things) General Electric. What else would you expect from their mouthpieces than the company line?

It's why our only hope at this point for actual shared information is the internet, and blogs like your own, which they don't know how to control and haven't quite figured how to shut down. Still, they're trying to figure out how to do just that right now, so BEWARE.

Yikes, I'm sounding like my favorite paranoid conspiracy site, "Rigorous Intuition" by Jeff Wells, the cautiously pessimistic Canadian.

Paul the Spud

Thanks for the hat tip, Lance. I really appreciate it.

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