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I like yours, too, but i'd like it even better if you hadn't misspelled my name twice. ;)


Not twice, AC. Three times! Actually, four, since I caught the first one myself and fixed it before I posted. Sorry about that. I don't know what was wrong with my fingers and eyes this afternoon, but I fixed the misspellings.

blue girl

The right-wingers are experts at the either/or arguments. And it's a real advantage to them when communicating to the millions in this country who don't pay close attention. It a bully tactic and it works for them.

I had this comment on my blog a few days ago: "If you do not trust our government then who in the hell do you trust?? Do you trust the Al-Quida and other muslum extremists??"

Um. Huh?

The metaphor I've been pondering for the last several months is more obscure -- it's this:

I compare our situation in Iraq to a city -- where all the traffic lights are broken. So, we send our children into the streets to direct traffic. But just the children who volunteer for this community service. It's so much cheaper than replacing all the lights.

Our kids keep getting killed, one by one, every day or so by impatient and bad drivers. And when some of the people become enraged about this and just want the damn traffic lights replaced, they are accused of -- not wanting people to be able to drive to work, to shop, etc. And they also remind us that our kids volunteered for this service and they believed in what they were doing for their community! And of course, they accuse us of not supporting our kids.

Exiled in NJ

Metaphor? Heller summed it up in two words forty-plus years ago: Catch 22. The Bushian faithful do not read their Bible, they read Milo Minderbender, and Bushie bears a certain resemblance to Milo also.


I think driftglass put it perfectly when the idiot Tom Friedman invoked the either/or canard a while back.

blue girl

mamayaga-- that was a great post. Thanks for the link.


Lance, Hobbesian choice? I think she means Hobson's choice, which is not either/or, but no choice at all.

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