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"and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"

If that was only true. It is more equal to the love you fake. It worked for Reagan, but Bush doesn't even bother doing that. I don't believe this president gives a damn how he is judged by the public. He acts as though he believes that history is written by the winners and he wants "his team" to win at all costs.

He will never meet with Sheehan until he knows she'd leave as Stepford Mom..."The President helped me understand why my son died. We need to stand behind him now."

The Heretik

Narcissus needs his Echo. Once he pulls himself away from the mirror, the most naricissistic President has plenty of people to to tell himself how great he is.

Earl Bockenfeld

The GOP spin machine has been down this road before, deciding that grief is a partisan affair. The loss of a loved one in even that most horrific of events, September 11, is legitimate only if the surviving family members support Bush and his policies. It's not legitimate coming from the "Jersey Girls".

The president has said that he grieves for all soldiers lost in all wars, but on Tuesday Bush expressed grief especially for those lost in the Iraq conflict. "For those who lost loved ones, it has been a year of sorrow, of empty places, of newborn children who will never know their fathers here on earth," he said. "For members of our military, it has been a year of sacrifice, and service far from home.

Now watch this drive.


As another blogger pointed out last week, Bush was joking about not being able to find WMD while soldiers were dying in Iraq. He actually had photos of himself looking under furniture in the White House. It was a premeditated gag.

Also, Bush never has any remose whatsoever for the thousands of Iraqis he has killed. How many people has he killed, burned and maimed without uttering one word about them? It's like they don't matter at all.

harry near indy

lance, bush as charismatic?

he's about as charismatic as nixon.

now kennedy, reagan and clinton -- they had charisma. bush is nothing more than kaiser bill.

and his followers are like too many of the church goers who support bush -- i believe that jesus is the messiah, therefore i am good and all that i do is good.

for these christians, to have one sin is to be evil and depraved.
they dare not back down.

this reminds me of the blind worship of bob knight i saw in indiana when he was iu's basketball coach. good riddance to him.

pity america if our hitler arrives on the scene. i hope to be dead by then.

and people wonder why i still smoke ...


It should be noted that Baum's Tin Man, in the original novel, wept when he accidently stepped on an ant, even before he got his "heart" from the Wizard. One of the major points of the novel was that all the famous foursome already had what they thought they were missing, even before they started out. The humbug wizard just supplies them with external validation. (Except Dorothy, to whom he feels obligated to offer more material assistance.) In the movie version, this point is only really made clear with the Scarecrow, who is the one who comes up with all the plans.

mac macgillicuddy


As much as we may not respond to Bush's charisma, Lance has a point that he is a charismatic leader -- in the most literal sense of the word.

He governs and sells his ideas charismatically, as opposed to classically, which would involve laying out facts and showing people the benefits in a convincing way -- until they are sold. The charismatic leader relies on personal traits, smiles (or, in this case, odd gimmaces), gladhanding, and generally getting people to buy your stuff beause you are "well liked."

Willy Loman wanted so very much to be a charismatic salesman. It's hard to sell women's underwear any other way.


Two Points:
1. Bush came to the White House fresh from having executed some hundred and fifty Texans, more than any other governor since who knows when? Doesn't this seem very much in keeping with his displayed attitude towards the war dead, that it is indeed unfortunate that these folks had to die, but a leader has to make decisions that may have tough consequences for the "commoners."

2. In these eveangelical congreations the sheep in the pews are being constantly told by the chickenhawks in the pulpits that God has a mainline connection to George W, and that George is doing God's will. The only way these sheep could disagree would be by leaving the church, backsliding into Satans evil empire, and giving the remaining sheep even more reason to heed the messianic and charismatic words of der leader, for fear that they too might backslide all the way to hell. That, I think, makes for a very secure popularity from the quote unquote Christian base for this president. Would that he were at least Catholic or even Jewish, where there is discussion and disagreement among the believers. There is neither in these big evangelical churches, only the official believer's line. Doesn't that sound just like the White House?


This raises a question in my mind. Did they know they were lying when they said it would be easy? 4 years and I still can't decide whether he is stupid or evil while pretending to be stupid.

Exiled in NJ

What Sheehan is doing comes direct from the meet the Wizard scene. Sheehan is the Toto who pulls back the curtain. Luckily for the Wizard in the film, the residents of the Emerald City were not there to see this act; here they are forced to see it, even if their source is some right-wing hater.

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