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Here in Obama land we have a different view. So far he's been voting the wrong side on things fairly consistently. He may be black on the outside, but his core Daley Democrat.


Michael, are you politically dim or intentionally dirtying Obama?

"You asked if anything I've seen or read give me pause. My response was what I've read in the newspaper gives me huge pause. We don't like to read about people who are getting paid for not doing work or enjoying favoritism as a consequence of doctored-up test scores. I don't think that's anything I could defend or the mayor could defend. There's strong expectation on the part of taxpayers that this will be cleaned up."

Obama's public reservations about Daley come in stark contrast to the stance taken by his colleague in the Illinois congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.). Emanuel has rallied to Daley's side, scheduling a sold-out appearance before the City Club later this month to defend the mayor's 16-year record.

Although both Obama and Emanuel employ Chicago political consultant David Axelrod, who also works for Daley, Emanuel was elected to Congress with Daley's unequivocal endorsement. Obama was elected without the mayor's support, though he has maintained a cordial relationship with Daley.

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), a frequent critic of and possible challenger to the mayor, was an early and strong supporter of Obama.


In my fantasy, Russ Feingold is president and there's broccoli rabe on every plate.

That book sounds a bit like Ayn Rand for the younger set. Has anyone taken a stab at writing the counterpoint, Help! Mom! There are Wingnuts Under My Bed, and They Won't Stop Watching What I'm Doing in There!


I don't pay much attention to what Obama says, nor do I care, since it doesn't mean anything--I just watch how he votes.


Let me clarify, though: I'm not saying he's as bad as a Republican: I'm just saying that like Dick Durbin, he's voted the safe way on some of the most important issues rather than taking the stand that would make him dream President material. To me, given the promise he had, that's a sell-out.

Shakespeare's Sister

the word hummer would only be a synonym for oral sex

LOL. Especially because, given my druthers, I'd rather buy it Garp style than the otherwise cooler James Dean.


They practice an authoritarian religion and their lives revolve around and are shaped by and depend on that religion. As soon as their authority is taken from them, their religion goes with it, and with their religion their culture.

And we Liberals are just fine with that.

To be fair, not all Christians practice this way. Unfortunately it's the ones with the big ass megaphones (and big ass bucks) who enjoy the current limelight.

Kevin at PK is a Christian. He's one of those cult Christians (as my fundy dad would say) who was raised Adventist. Adventists are big on the seperation doctrine. They're also big on shunning the pharisetical (is that a real word?) type shit that permeates the current group of Justice Sunday asshats.

Kev is the greatest guy I know. He's got the Jesus part of Christianity all sorted out..while being able to leave behind (pun intended) the American Taliban bullshit.



I should have made it clearer that I was talking about that particular brand of conservative Christians who showed up for Justice Sunday. Thanks for coming to the defense of all the other Christians.


I think the job of writing that book has fallen to you.


I think I knew you'd say that.


Great post(s)

These slimebags leave no stone unturned do they. Have not seen the actual book and I have no real desire to do so but was the word "Assination" used any place? Seems this is big on the asshat circuit at the moment.

blue girl

Lance, you are not as cynical as me. I didn't believe for one minute that the reviewer's 8 year old daughter had the described experience with this book. The line: "She quickly grasped the terrible error of leftist ideas." especially made me feel this way.

I think he made it up to make his review more convincing.

Now, I have no scientific proof to back this up -- it's just something that I strongly believe.


Kevin Wolf

Ha, BG, that was funny.

Lance, I think you were very clear on the "type" of Christian you were discussing. No need for all stripes to take offense. Though if a few others do - perhaps the shoe fits?

harry near indy

if .. . if ... it comes to that, we'd have the evangelical protestant version of franco's spain.

the silence of the middle-of-the-road christians about their hard-cord brothers in christ -- i feel angry about it.

reason # 7,336 on why i'm not a christian.

david bandel

Oh yes. The whole "liberals are for science not religion" argument. Very cute.

I'm an atheist but I've seen nothing from liberals but BAD science and lies to push their hypocricy further into the trendy limelight.

Global warming? Natural cycle that the earth goes through on a geologically time-scaled wavelength or man-induced trauma to "mother (yes the personification attempt to appeal to liberal's dim-witted bleeding hearts) earth?" Yes. Liberals really understand science.

The idea that the ozone layer is a brick wall and not a gas layer. You see when you poke your finger in a cloud of gas and pull it out, does the hole stay there? If you keep your finger there, does the gas fill back in the new hole? See any kind of logical fallacy here on the part of the liberals? Couple that with how incredibly rapidly easy O3 replenishes itself and you have yet another bit of proof that liberals are quite stupid.

Do liberals use lies to push equality and tolerance on the mainstream? Yes! Do blacks have smaller brains? Yes... because a test of brain SIZE can't have bias. Do their lower scores on standardized tests corelate PERFECTLY with the brain size difference? Yes! Do liberals claim that it's all based on poverty and bias in testing? Yes!

Do liberals try to say the Bell Curve is racist? Yes! And this is the most hilarious of all because the Bell Curve is just a DISTRIBUTION. It arises in nature and pretty much in everything. The bell curve is the shape of the curve.. which is a direct result of summing up huge amounts of random variables with flat individual distributions. If it DIDN'T occur everywhere, mathematicians and scientists would be CONRUSED. Because it's a natural logical result of the most fundamental operations in statistics. But just because the bell curve is innocently the SHAPE of the graph of IQ distribution, the liberals call the curve itself.. the formula for the curve itself.. racist.

Liberals are a joke when it comes to math, science, logic, and rationality. Telling yourself that you are anything else is a farce. An outright lie to the masses and to yourselves.


^^ Please be a troll.


"Besides the fact the Dick Cheney would be in jail, the word hummer would only be a synonym for oral sex, Barack Obama would be president,"

One out of three ain't bad!

It's great to think that when this article was written all these happenings seemed equally improbable.

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