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blue girl

Isn't the old white guy with the tie supposed to be Ted Kennedy? That's who I thought it was.

blue girl

Here's a review from

In clear and steady prose, coupled with the high art of caricature, we are treated to the unremitting and stifling power of liberal policies as imposed on the dream of two boys. The resulting work is candid, fresh and educational. My eight year old daughter got hold of the book from off my desk. I generally get heavy tomes in the mail and she ignores them. But when she saw me produce this book from a USPS package she simply had to have a look at it. She read it once. She read it again. Then I read it to her and explained some of the nuances. She quickly grasped the terrible error of leftist ideas.

Ms. DeBrecht certainly understands children. For her explanations are obvious, but at the same time they prompt questions that make the child think more deeply about the issue under discussion. This book reads on several levels simultaneously. First, we have the story of the boys and their struggle. Next, we have the encroachment of the liberals. Finally, we have the effects of those policies.

Children like to read the same book over and over. Indeed, this my child did. So much so, that she actually mislaid it once, delaying my review. The book made a deep impression on her. It has helped her see the world as it is and not through the rose colored glasses the liberal left would impose upon her.

This is a great book for conservatives to help explain to their children why we must fight this ideological struggle with the left. Yet, this is not a work that dwells only on the negative. It also lauds hard work, cogent thinking and conservative ideas.

Highly recommended for children 6 years to adult.

I swear -- I never ever realized how truly scary I must be to society.


Son of a gun, bg, I believe you're right! It is supposed to be Teddy. I keep forgetting his hair's white now. I'm not used to thinking of him as an old man.

Thanks for posting the review. You have always scared the devil out of me, but I didn't know the rest of the country quailed at the thought of you as well, either. The eliminationist rhetoric Orcinus worries about is right in there, isn't it. I think a lot of us Liberals think of the phrase Culture War as a metaphor but the Right Wingers don't---for one thing they know that the outcome of a Liberal victory will be the elimination of their culture (kind of where I'm heading with this series of posts) so they're fighting back tooth and claw. That we want them educated into becoming progressives and they want us "gone" is the difference between us.

Viscount LaCarte

If they want to start a culture war, then they haven't missed a beat yet. Of all the bad news I've read today from the blogs, this one made me the saddest. It is just so stupid to continue to divide this nation...


Anybody got Ghorbanifar's phone number? I need some serious weaponry here. Gotta protect myself from the idiots who spout that kind of nonsense.

Kevin Wolf

Hey, BG, thanks for adding the review to this neat post. One question, though, after reading this sentence:

"It also lauds hard work, cogent thinking and conservative ideas."

Anybody else see the disconnect there?

Exiled in NJ

See here my little children, don't let that bad government take your money unless it is to fund little Georgie's war. Better to tithe, tithe and tithe again to the kindly man on the television preaching to mommy and daddy.


Oh, definitely Ted Kennedy. Saw that in the first 1/10th second before even enlarging the image.

Mustang Bobby

I wonder if they're planning a sequel: Daddy's Gone To War For Jesus and showing him in cammies with Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein in his gunsights.


(Note: My comment and the next one by Rana are both responding to a comment by Ed Thibodeau that somehow disappeared. I re-posted it below.)


Actually, bookstore shelves are crowded with many more forms of liberal broccoli for kids than conservative spinach. Most of it isn't as blatantly partisan as Help! Mom! but it's still a form of political indoctrination and it's still intended more for parents than for kids. I don't like any books whose main purpose is to give grown ups a chance to lecture kids at storytime. But Help! Mom! goes a step further mainly because it is a piece of other forms of the Right Wing propaganda of the moment---the intent is to portray Liberals as monsters, which is to say, not human. Liberals are The Other.

Your post was excellent, by the way, thanks for the link.

Although I'd like to think that the reason for the low sales rankings of those stupid sounding Liberal bedtime stories is that Liberals just have better taste when it comes to children's literature.


Actually, no, they're not quite on a par with it. Yeah, they are kinda preachy and annoying*, but they do not demonize a whole class of people in order to do it (well, at least King and King, the one I've read, didn't). It's more like, oh, here are some busy-body spoilsports, let's ignore them and do our own thing.

Note the titles: it's King and King, for example, not Hating Homophobes or Those Evil Fundies. The focus is on the ways that the main characters respond to outside individual naysayers, not on caricaturing half of the population as troublemakers (including specific, real-life individuals and organizations, as the cover of the book obviously does).

One is preachy moralizing; the other is propagandistic demagoguery. Neither is great for kids; the latter is actively dangerous to adults. Which is, presumably, why it was written, then packaged in a supposedly nonthreatening "it's just a funny kid's book - don't you have a sense of humor?" format to fend off the critics.

*So I wouldn't buy them, because they are badly written, badly drawn books; there are much better gay-friendly, diversity-positive books out there to choose from.


Ah, Lance beat me to it, and with much more concision and grace.

*tips hat*

blue girl

Lance! You are confusing me...who's Ed?


Blue Girl,

Ed Thibodeau posted a comment here this morning that disappeared somehow. I must have goofed up something. Rana's first comment is in response to it too, so I wasn't imagining it.

I'm going to repost Ed's comment below. Hold on.

Ed Thibodeau

Blue Girl is right. The old guy is supposed to be Teddy Kennedy. It is just a very poor likeness.

By the way, did anybody read the "From The Publisher" snippet on Amazon:

Would you let your child read blatantly liberal stories with titles such as "King & King," "No, George, No," or "It's Just a Plant"?

Those are real books, on a par with Liberal Under My Bed albeit from a liberal point of view. Read more:
Help! Mom! There are Conservatives Running the Country!

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