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blue girl

Great post, Lance. I completely feel Paul's pain. I spent a lot of time over the last week or so with solid right-wingers. Wealthy right-wingers. The one's who benefit the most from the tax cuts. And even THEY want Bush out of there. At a get together over the weekend, they even admitted that their businesses have always done better under a Democratic president. We need this group to speak loudly too.

Shakespeare's Sister

Spudsy, Ezra, and Mannion all in one post--it's like the blogging trifecta!

I have been saying the same thing about John McCain for years. And I'm not quite past being mad at Bush (as might be evident - ahem), but, similar to your sentiment, Mannion, I wrote back in December:

Their party is slipping (has permanently slipped?) away from [traditional conservatives], but they say nothing, do nothing. When America has fallen into the inevitable morass that is its unavoidable destination with Bush at our helm, I won't blame the Democratic voters, and I won't even blame the wingnuts on the Right, who at least voted as they believe, foolish as it is. I will blame the large swath of traditional Republicans who refused to acknowledge that their party had left them, and made no noise about its failed leadership, choosing instead to keep handing new strings to Nero for his fiddle.

It's truly frustrating, and McCain is their bloody ringmaster.

Paul the Spud

Wow, thanks for the kind words, Lance! Who knew my profanity-peppered rant would actually be treated as good writing? Thank you for the nod; usually I try to have a little more class.

I, like you and Shakes, feel the same way about McCain. I used to say that he was the one Republican I felt I could respect. After shilling for the man he obviously hates, I can't say that anymore.


There is no god, there is no justice, the world is cruel...

Yes, I too was lost all respect for McCain (the bit that I had)...

It seems money is God, as in, what is worshiped and what has power over the will of men and the world affairs...

Kevin Wolf

McCain never really had my respect simply because he's a right-wing conservative whose views I often find repugnant. Better than Bush? Of course - who isn't? But his hewing to the Republican line, as awful as it is under Bush, doesn't surprise me.

I do think you make some important points regarding all the Republicans running interference for Bush - that if left out in the open, exposed, he'd be seen for the lying bastard that he is and his agenda might then fall apart.

I also agree with the comment above that the GOP has simply abandoned its core - it sure as hell ain't being fiscally conservative, a favorite trope of the right - but I think the exact same thing can be said of the Democrats, who keep moving right, leaving behind their own constituents while attempting to be "rite-lite" - right-wing (only not really). Then they stand around every November wondering why they keep losing elections.

Shakespeare's Sister

but I think the exact same thing can be said of the Democrats

Yeah, I tend to rant a lot about that, too. ;-)


As bluegirl pointed out, if big business right-wingers want Bush gone, then we need to start with that. And if that's the case, then, among all the Republicans who have stuck with Bush for so long, Frist will be the first to cave in.

Because Frist is weak. Frist is weak in the way that so many Democrats have been weak. I can't remember who said it because I read so many posts on the subject, but someone (you smart person, you! take the credit that is rightly yours!) pointed out that Frist broke with Bush on stem-cell research because of the donations from pharmaceutical companies.

McCain can be bought, but he can't be bought as easily as Frist. If Frist sees the money in a "be responsible" centrism, then he will turn on Bush and make demands. And Bush's house of cards will collapse.

blue girl

Ooooooh, Pepper -- you make a really good -- and uncomfortable point. About Frist being weak in the way that so many Democrats are. I agree with you and how unfortunate is that??

Still. I cannot stand Bill Frist. This is just my gut feeling -- he doesn't have a chance -- A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE! at winning the Presidency.

He is dreamin'. Yuck. I cannot stand him.

(Should I tell you how I really feel?!)

Shakespeare's Sister

At this point, I agree with Blue Girl. Right now, Frist is too raptured-up for mainstream conservatives (who won't soon forget his idiotic Schiavo video diagnosis) and too "liberal" (lol) for the rapture battalion because of his recent embrace of stem cell research. Without a solid majority in either camp, he's going to struggle. Let's hope he keeps trying to straddle that fence and leaves himself a loser, because even though I hate McCain, I despise Frist with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Exiled in NJ

Frist, McCain, all non-starters here. Every time I ask myself when will this all stop, I think to the year 2006, or 2008, when balloons will be lofted that we dare not change leadership in the midst of war, and these bags of hot air will be taken up by the right wing Wurlitzer and then the regular media, and presto-change-o, if the 2006 polls look bad, that election will be canceled and our leader will be crowned King, but not with that title.

Bloggers of Lance's persuasion will go the way of the book readers in Fahrenheit 451. Just wait, Lance, until you are hauled before the star chamber and asked by Rove, Libby, Ledeen and Novak just what you were trying to foment with your comments about Merchant of Venice.


Screw John McCain and the Colin Powell he rode in on.

Anne Laurie

Sometimes I believe the tinfoil-hat theories that Karl Rove has some kind of unspeakable blackmail material he's using to keep McCain in line. It's pretty clear McCain despises Bush the Lesser, and he has every reason to hate Karl Rove with a deep & personal hatred (if only for the Rovian 'rumors' that McCain's wife was a junkie, and his adopted daughter a halfbreed byblow, never mind Rove's more directly personal attacks). So why does an otherwise honorable individual, albeit one whose politics I don't agree with, stoop to kissing the Bush-Leaguer's ring? Is "party unity" really THAT sacred a tenet in his branch of the Republican church?

The mainstream media seems to have elected McCain to the post of Tough-Talking, Truth-Speaking Republican Maverick, no matter what the man actually says or does. In so far as they've succeeded, they've created a tableau vivant which, not coincidentally, seals McCain in amber as a gadfly, a jester, always good for a quote but never to be taken as electable. This saves the MSM pundits much wear & tear on their few miserable braincells. Having done so well thereby, the MSM would now like to turn Howard Dean into the "Democratic McCain" -- and I hope the Democrats have the good sense not to play that game.

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