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Sure, get sick just when I get back and I am looking for some good, pithy stuff to link to. Get well soon.


Dear Mother Mannion,

We will miss little Lance today. We hope he feels better soon. Tell him his make-up work will be on his desk.

Mr. D.

PS: We are sure the heartbreak of yesterday's game has nothing to do with Lance's malaise, but please let him know we feel his pain.

blue girl

Dear Mom Mannion,

Tell Lanth we will mith hith blob today.

And we hope he feelths bedder thoon.

I hope iths nodda thummer cold, cuz I've god one and id thtinks.

mac macgillicuddy


This is forged, so you can get out of doing your work. Well, it isn't working! For one thing, we know your mother knows the difference between a blog and a blob, you blob of sloth!

mac macgillicuddy

PS-Boy, are you going to be in trouble when your parents find out about this!


This looks like yet another fake note mister Mannion...

I think I will report this to the principal!!!


Hey Lance's Mom?! You sound hot! Can you post some pics?

Agi T. Prop, Dean of Students

Nice try Lancie, but I know this is a forgery. I recommend you stop hanging out with the bad kids in the class or else you will spend the rest of your lifetime in detention. Students like The Heretik are a bad influence on good little boys like you.


What's next? The dog ate my blog post?

blue girl

Good one, Linkmeister!!


The lengths some people will go to to get a blog, insisting we went to Ireland, where it turns out all the leprechauns have jobs with Intel now.

Drink tea, love. It will cure what ails ye.

Mannion's Mother

You pesky kids, leave wee Lance alone. And don't talk to me about blobs. I love them all. I particularly enjoy the one by The Foreign Tart, but what do I know? And just what are these things called links, Meister? Jack, you seem like a boy with some commonsense. Tell this kid not to get so agitated. And this boy could be less catty.

In closing watch out for the White Sox fan and don't make me go red talking until I am blue in the face.

Thank you. You know where to find me, although stopping off here or here on the way over is never a bad idea.


Sharon told me that Mikey told her that Jimmy said that his sister found out that Lance isn't really sick he's grounded because he got sent home from school for playing Batman on the computer and Mrs. Robinson said that he's bad and has to do extra homework. And Mrs. Robinson said that he's a persnickity influence on the class and that's why he can't blob today.

blue girl

Mama Mannion -- I'm proud of you for being able to link to blobs in the comment section of your son's blob. I haven't even mastered that yet. Good for you, Mama Mannion! Good. For. You!

Mannion's Mother

Thank YOU, blue GIRL. I think I may go blob crazy.

Exiled in NJ

Make sure he brings a note from his doctor, or vet, when he returns.


Thanks, folks, your sympathy is touching.

I'm still not up to snuff today, but I know better than to expect this crowd to care.

Mother, I hear you did a great job tending bar at Lefty's last night. I guess all that time you spent pushing mimosas in the base rec hall in Manilla came back to you.


PS. At least I know Jack, Domoni, and Blue Girl are my friends.

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