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I've had very similar conversations, with the local water company, over billing issues. I'm thinking of digging a well in the yard, myself.

blue girl

Lance, I guess in that little exchange the supervisor had all the *power*, didn't he? (Ba-da-bum!)

Exiled in NJ

As Captain Barbosa would say, "Lance, Lance." Tell them your oxygen machine has stopped working. Worked every time with NIMO, but then I wasn't lying.


I used to live on an island, and we had these conversations every goddamn time it rained....

Shakespeare's Sister

Just be glad you don't have a Scottish accent, too.


O My! That was very very bad. Perhaps they should do what Comcast has done, and outsource to Canada - my cable goes down, I get to talk to Winnipeg (I think) and they are invariably lovely.
Disclosure: I have done DSL/ISP phone tech support and can vouch for the integrity of my colleagues - we'd have been fired on the spot if we gave customers that kind of shit - sups are supposed to listen in.
I'd copy the transcript to the NY Pub Util commission (there must be one), and get those reps on permanent break.
O - and "The Court Jester" is maybe my favorite Kaye - and I always loved Mildred Natwick (who starts that damned coded thingy in the first place...). Envy of the Mannions tonight!

Mad Kane

Very funny!

Ronzoni Rigatoni

"The flagon with the dragon..." Remember the Red Skelton movie (I think it pre-dates the Danny Kaye one) with the line, "The boot with the buckle, the buckle with the suckle(?)?" A Civil War romp, as I recall.


Oh no! Horrible service, AND you missed "The Court Jester." That's awful. At least you got a funny post out of it. At some point the conversation begins to sound a lot more like Abbott and Costello than Kaye, however.



We watched The Court Jester last night. It was a big hit. The 11 year old took himself off to bed singing Never Outfox the Fox and the 9 year old has been cracking himself up all day doing his own variations on the Pellet with the poison.


I am very glad the movie holds up well with the preteen set. I still can't believe not one quote from this made the AFI 100 list.


Build the windmill. Hook up a bicycle rig to power the t.v. and make the kids pedal for their movies. In short: GET OFF THE GRID, MY FRIEND!


Just checked back to see if you read the movie and how much you liked it.

I agree with Campaspe that there should have been at least one quote in the AFI 100.

My personal favorites are the throw off lines, e.g. Angela Lansbury's response to the king's claim to have been almost killed: "Oh, father."

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