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"Hi everybody, and a very pleasant evening to you, wherever you may be."

Best baseball announcer ever.


"Hi everybody, and a very pleasant evening to you, wherever you may be."

Best baseball announcer ever.


Grr. Typepad is becoming annoying.

Exiled in NJ

One of the downsides of the Dish is being able to tune in the superstations WGN and the one in Atlanta. The only way to watch the Sox is to turn off the sound; these guys blather through triple plays, no hitters etc. I want to see the Sox go in the tank so bad, just to shut them up.

By the way, the pair that do the Cubbies also are sickening with 'Aramis', 'Corey' 'Kerry' and company. It says something about the station that last year's pair, Steve Stone and ?, were replaced because they did not die true blue Cubs and made some not-so-nice comments as the boys from Wrigley blew the wild card in September.

The Atlanta guys are pretty good because even if they have a slight southern tilt, they are quiet about it unlike Hawk Harrelson and company. Even though we are 60 miles from Philly, we only get the Mets and not the wonderful voice of Harry Kalas, in my mind a very objective announcher, if a little overdramatic at times. I have taken a liking to Healy & Seaver. They love their home team, but Seaver, especially, cringes when he sees bad baseball and makes no bones about it.

We did not have Harwell in Philly, but the original Mr. Malaprop, Byrum Saam. Byrum just rolled along, oblivious to everything. His signature phrase was 'right you are.' The story is told that doing an All-Star game, he was introuced by old mush mouth, Mel Allen. "And now to take over the broadcast, here is the amiable, affable, knowledgable By Saam." "Right you are, Mel."


OGIC nails it (Sox announcers)! Unlike her, I AM a Sox fan and must turn down/mute the tv while watching. What lovely writing and perception, thanks for the link.


In case anyone was wondering to whom I was referring, here's a serendipitous article about him:


hee hee! Well, the Siren's kids are only two years old and just now starting to move past the Baby Einstein stage. I didn't see the Disney "80 Days," but the original is a lot of fun. I still can't believe they cast Shirley Maclaine as an Indian.

The Long Riders is great! May I remind you of a brother/sister real-reel movie? "Yankee Doodle Dandy." James Cagney's sister played Josie Cohan. Easily my favorite flag-waving picture.


Funny you should mention...I just now got back from seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang performed on stage. Very very cool show, especially with actual British accents.


Poor Dick Van Dyke, he's never going to live down the accent thing, is he? I read that he admitted in later years that he never really bothered to practice Cockney before "Mary Poppins," which is why he sounds like he was born in Weirdsville instead of within hearing distance of Bow Bells. How was the Childcatcher in the show? Helpmann was the best thing in the movie, I think.

mac macgillicuddy

Since this post doesn't seem to be about anything in particular, I'll use it to give an opinion of Steven Spielberg's remake of War of the Worlds (the post does, after all, mention H.G. Wells). We saw it tonight, and give it a mixed thumbs up/thumbs down.

I thought it was scary, even though it basically had no dialogue and nothing but special effects and weird sounds. My wife thought it incoherent, but said she liked it for something to make fun of.

We think the fact that Tom Cruise is a noted Scientologist may have been the real reason I was so afraid.

Exiled in NJ

I keep my copy of "Long Riders" under lock and key and treasure the performance of Pamela Reed as Belle Starr, the music of Ry Cooder, and scenes like the wedding reception [compare it to Cimino's dances of elephants in Heaven's Gate, or the god-awful long wedding that begins Deer Hunter]. My only reservation with Long Riders is the almost aura that Hill puts around Jessie in the final third of the film.


The Childcatcher was met with loud boos, which is the highest form of praise.

When he met his end, in a net that flew high overhead to the roof, there was cheering all round.

If I were a child, I think I'd have been afraid. Very afraid.

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