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Exiled in NJ

I;m 62, work for myself consulting to others who work for "the man". I had one of those Cadillac policies, fee for service they are called. Cost me 1450 a month in 2001 when wife left this earth; as a single man it cost 1075 this year. Tierney would shake my hand I am sure.

I'd like to punch him in the mouth. Being doing my work for 35 years now and in that time I've seen how the Tierneys of the world have shifted so many burdens onto those who work, while telling them how great the ownership society is. The 401K, 201Ks to many who were working when the market fell apart, took the place of employer pensions. The cafeteria plans took the place of employer paid health care and other benefits....they disguise it by making it 'tax free' but there is no 100% tax bracket, meaning the worker is still paying at least 65% of the cost. Now they want the workers to take on 'high deductible' health plans; next they will be charging for the parking space at the office or plant. Been half expecting some client to tell me the boss has installed coin slots in the stalls in the shithouse. Forgot to mention the other 'benefit' of early retirement: the company hires the worker back as a consultant, after making him or her form a corporation or LLC, and then pays them via 1099 Form, shifting the cost of matching Social Security.

Where is our Dickens to chronicle this age?


Maha riffed on this too. Here's a snip and link:

In fact, Ghilarducci argues, allowing the pension system to deteriorate serves a long-term interest of business: avoiding future labor shortages when the baby-boom generation moves into retirement. "All this retirement policy is really a labor policy," she asserts. "It's motivated by these experts who say, Hey, wait, we're going to need to do what we can to encourage people to work longer. A whole range of economists and elite opinion makers is talking about a labor shortage where, God forbid, wages would increase. That's what they're worried about--making sure there isn't a corporate profit squeeze, that skill shortages and upward wage pressures are checked."

So, from somewhere in those John Olin-Sarah Scaife funded "think tanks" the message has gone out: Raise the retirement age. And, dutifully, Tierney does his masters' bidding and delivers the message to readers of the Times. We can expect the television "talking heads" (who don't seem to ever retire, dammit) to take up this message, along with the radio hatemongers like Rush.

blue girl

On Sunday morning I had a severe, violent allergic reaction to something that hit me out of the blue. My eyes became so red and swollen so quickly -- tearing like crazy -- that I thought maybe it was a precursor to something that was REALLY wrong with me.....aneurism? Brain tumor? After I got over my initial shock, I started to consider what it was. What had I looked at that had caused my eyes to rebel so?

What new was introduced into my life?

Well, Judy Woodruff was on Meet The Press. That was new. But she held her own. So, no.

I read a post that morning by the new duo Lance ‘n Nance. But, that couldn’t be it. I’ve been reading them both for awhile now, although separately. I’ve had to have built up some immunity.

And then it hit me. John Tierney had been interviewed by that Howie guy on CNN. Using my eyes to read his words has always been bad enough. But when my eyes had to watch his words come out of his mouth on TV -- my eyes rebelled.

I am allergic to Tierney-personified, of which Claritin is no match.

Obviously, avoiding John Tierney in any way, shape or form can only help to keep me healthy until that time that I am entitled to retire.


Tierney would love me - horse-healthy and I hate the idea of retirement - what the fuck would I do at my leisure? He'd hate the 97-year-old lady I take care of - she's been coasting on brutal arthritis for 40 years, body fragile as glass, mind still quite lucid - why doesn't she have a job? Lucky girl, she has income from (dare I say it?) the successful career of her late Commie husband. Bet that really gives Tierney's balls a twist. Pinko's wife not depending on Social Security? Heretical.
I've worked enough in medical environments to know that it's the rare person (and they must be all conservatives, or Tierney wouldn't be so confident) who doesn't carry some flaw or predisposition or genetic heritage that will put them at risk when their bodies get tired of keeping flesh and mind coherent, day after day after day. What about that 30-year-old nurse with a family history of astronomical blood triglycerides? She's an orphan because of it. Let her treat other people until she's 70, or until she drops (the latter will save us all a bunch of dough). What about the brilliant doc with the old motorcycle injury? Shit, he shouldn't have been so careless.
You know, for fuckers who cast doubt on Darwin (or make excuses for people who do), these people just totally love Herbert Spencer.

Shakespeare's Sister

Where is our Dickens to chronicle this age?

He may well be hiding out in the blogosphere...

Recall that most of his work was serialized either weekly or monthly in the newspaper. Were Dickens around today, he'd undoubtedly be a blogger.


Re: Dickens and whats SS said - remember the "Mercurys in Powder" in "Bleak House"? CD could be just as cutting as he could be sentimental.


I turned 51 the other day and got the following message from a 73-year-old retired academic friend in Santa Barbara, which stated: "You're not old yet, cookie, but, let's face it, being in your fifties is blah. At least that was how I found mine. It's the decade in which people lose their parents and either die of cancer, or not."

See, there's lots to look forward to, Lance, and by that time maybe John Tierney will be dead, or so thoroughly obliterated from any public discourse that he might as well be.

mac macgillicuddy

I had an Irish grandmother once who had a formula for what was middle aged and what was "old." She was forever middle aged (except when she was young -- but World War II was on, then, dammit, and she got robbed of her youth), and old was 10 years older than whatever age she happened to be.

She died in middle age, at 87.

I suspect that now her formula is that old is anyone who closes in on the age of St. Patrick (with whom she no doubt is sharing a pint or two at the Pearl and Gate Pub).

mac macgillicuddy

We can expect the television "talking heads" (who don't seem to ever retire, dammit) to take up this message, along with the radio hatemongers like Rush.

Oh -- don't even get me started on the self-congratulatory, ain't we just great, thank the Lord for us and what time is tee-time manifest destiny that Rush imagines in the lunacy of his world. Did someone say "dittos"?

Anne Laurie

Tierney was hired as a second string to David Brooks -- to be just that much dumber & more fatuous than Bobo. I'm told it's hard to sink that low while retaining the ability to use Microsoft's thesaurus function & fill out the Amex expense-account forms. Having triumphed at this peculiar form of triangulation, Tierney is well-pleased with his achievements & feels entitled to a victory lap. He is the very definition of the insult-form Tool.


Sure, Tierney wants to work until 80 and so do I!
Well, in theory anyway and why shouldn't we? Both of us write for a living and get paid pretty well (but I don't even come close to what celebrity pundits for big media outlets do) we work indoors and largely on our own schedule and enjoy what we do and the influence we have in our respective spheres.

The difference between me and Tierney? I know what it is to work at physical and/or soul crushing work. I don't have to do it anymore but that doesn't mean that I don't recall what it is like and what it does to you or that many other people are still in that particular grind when I am doing interesting work of my heart and meeting with people they see on tv or whose books they read.

Sure, Tierney and I can work until we die but our jobs won't kill us physically or emotionally. We are privileged. The difference between he and I is that I'm not a vicious but vacuous asshat.

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