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will smacked it out of the park again! What a great post. I love the phrase "regular dunkings in liberal culture". Because you're precisely right, liberal culture is what's at stake's what the wingnuts hate. It's the fertile ground out of which our democratic political life grows, and if that soil goes barren, we can have all the elections we want...for nothing. Because democracy is not an end to itself - it exists to open a space for freedom. And that's what liberal culture is all about.

I think the comment about creeping professionalism is spot-on, and related to the economic interests of the parties involved. The Daily Howler pretty consistently documents this dynamic at work among the ostensibly liberal press corps. For political writers, Washington is the top of the pyramid. And let me tell you, D.C. is a dull city full of dull, careful people.

Also, I hate Michael Kinsley. It seems like I've been reading his boring-ass shit for as along as I can remember. But then, I never pushed a noun against a verb except to blow something up. ;-)


D.C. is a dull city full of dull, careful people.

I second that. 'Cept for me, of course.


I post pictures of my cat Max with his legs spread provocatively all the time. Does that count?

David Parsons

How about Hot!Hot!Hot! Dust Mite cheesecake? I'd even promise Hot!Hot!Hot! Dust Mite on Dust Mite Action, except that we've only got one dust mite and I don't know if photoshop would be convincing enough.


Roxanne, your exception to the "dull and careful" rule was formost in my mind. I laughed really hard the other day at some comment you made about D.C. people looking all J.C. Pennys.

Amanda.....*shudder* sinner.


I've noticed I have more traffic on Wednesdays when I do Wednesday Food Blogging. So a few unwary googlers get immersed in my vat of lefty discourse while they're reading the latest eggplant recipe.

A calendar is a very good idea. I've posted some very nice udders on Friday Cow Blogging.

Elayne Riggs

Stop it, damn you! I keep getting more names to add to my "Where the Women Bloggers Are" list!


Sheesh, Kathy, if you can somehow inject politics into eggplant recipes I'm gonna be there often.

Speaking of vegetables, I was stunned to discover that Carl's Jr. has a side dish of battered fried zucchini. I hasten to add that the company's politics stink, and their taste in ads ain't good, but the zucchini and burgers are.


i must say my online reading has felt a lot better after breaking through the politicized surface of the blog-sphere... it was always bush this, election that, but since then in taking time to cool off, i have found many sources of reading pleasure(including yours now). it always helps to step away from the mill, because then you realize that the world is an amporphous blob, not a straight circle and learn to take yourself less seriously, which is a good first step to diversifying your thought process, and that is another thing the liberals are supposed to be all about isnt it:?

i dont know if any of that made sense, but who said it had to?


I don't have any pics to post. I am President-for-Life so I suppose I should have a headshot done. And I do plan on hiring paparazzi to follow me everywhere and get into high speed car chases with me in a quest to snap my pictures.

I think we should tell the wonks in DC that national government operations are moving to Las Vegas. Then we could wall it off with them inside and get some real work done. We would, of course, pay a generous stipend to the good residents of Las Vegas for having to put up with them.

harry near indy

those matildas --- do you think any of them would be interested in some horizontal waltzing?

but seriously, lance, another good one.

you were especially right about the caution of many punditti of the lib/left/prog persuasion. they seem to be cautious careerists.

opposed to that -- steve gilliard. i read him every day and he can be one righteously pissed-off motherfucker (in a good way).

any maybe it's not so much liberal vs conservative. i see it like this.

there's a line in the ground. some say "this is the finish line -- do not cross it under penality of (insert punishment here)."

other say, "this is the starting line. let's see what's beyond it and where those paths go."

i like those people better. they'll add to the ongoing journey.

further affiant sayeth naught.

Trish Wilson

Lance, I'd pose in the boots and the cat-o-nine-tails only if you show me from the thighs down. Let my face be a mystery. ;) Plus my pic would look like an ad for the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only".

Have you seen "Calendar Girls"? That could be a fun idea for a women bloggers calendar. We could raise funds to buy brains for idiot male bloggers who don't think women blog. Heh heh heh.

Trish Wilson

Never mind about "Calendar Girls". I just finished reading your post for the second time, and I had a better look at the first photo in your post. That's what I get for reading with only one contact lens in. (That would make for an interesting off-topic post all by itself...) We'd have to come up with a donation, though, and moronic male bloggers who think women don't like to get dirty is a good one.

Helen Mirren is hot, by the way, even if she isn't the one whose picture you posted. She's one classy lady.


Trish, that's Mirren, and yes, your're right, she sure is!

I like the Bond Girl image. Can I be Bond? I look pretty good in a tux.

Link, you had to get Carl's in there again, didn't you.

Cats, dust mites, cows, dominatrixes, biologists in parkas---everybody plays. We're liberals, dammit! We believe in the rainbow!


Heard you were looking for some cheesecake! ;-)

wonderful post.

Trish Wilson

THAT's Mirren? I need to get my eyes checked pronto. This one contact lens isn't doing it's job. Thank God I see the eye doctor tomorrow afternoon.

Yup, she's hot. I haven't seen "Prime Suspect", but I heard it rocks. I have to find a way of seeing it. I don't think it's available for rental.

Tomorrow, I should be able to see better without the ghosts mocking me from my peripheral vision, I hope. Being half blind is not fun.

The Heretik

I am a Prime Suspect for posing in a bikini while Helen Mirren has her way with me. Well, maybe not the bikini part. I haven't looked good in one of those for years. And where are the women bloggers?


Lance, you're right. I wonder if I can successfully bill those guys? I'd settle for 1/50 of what they're paying Paris Hilton.

Matthew Yglesias

Shit. Michael Kinsley is, in fact, if not exactly the writer I most admite (Dostoevsky), then at least the journalist I most admire. Always a bit sad to see oneself figured out so easily....

Mad Kane

What an excellent pair of posts! They made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me strip na...

Uh ... never mind.


I nominate NTodd to be our calendar photographer. After taking all those cow pics, he should be ready for some hot babes like us.

And didn't he win some award for sexiest blogger?


It's funny Yglesias brings up Dostoevski. He's the quintessential example of a guy who is admired by people who traffic in ideas, but not be people who enjoy good writing.

mac macgillicuddy

Me, I just liked the nudity.

The Walloper

Heh. I'll be in the calendar.

Tilli (Mojave Desert)

Waltzing Mathilda, indeed.

I read depending on my need.

I'm a bit of a blog-read floosie.
No sense of loyalty
for very long.

George Harrison.
hmmmmmm. mmmm.

Now that's a subject
I could sink my teeth

Lis Riba

Damn, see what happens when a housefire and computer failure keep me offline? I miss all the excitement.

Especially since I had the idea first. <Pout>

Any months still open?


Lis, I concede you have precedence. We'll have to alert the blog world. How do they handle these things in the science journals?

There are a bunch of months still open. You can pick your own pose too. Trish Wilson wants to be a Bond girl, a bad Bond girl. Amanda Marcotte has dibs on the Naughty Nurse. Cruella's in, but she's not picked a pose. The Walloper wants to be in it, but I'm not sure as what or which calendar. Link wants to pose as he says above. Unfortunately, Lauren of Feministe wants to be the sexy librarian. I'd say you and she could fight it out, but I've already put myself on record as being against catfights.

Now if any of you had followed through with actual pictures...

Too bad about the fire. I hope the computer was all you lost.

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