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I'm one of your dad's faithful readers. I want to congratulate you on all of your accomplishments. I know how proud you must make your parents and the rest of your family. Keep up the good work! We're looking forward to hearing many more wonderful things about you.

Elsie :)


Congratulations to Matt-
What a wonderful post. Your Dad is really, really proud of you.
I'm embarrassed to admit and I hope you'll help me out. My youngest is now 21 and I did not understand at all what "Yu Gi Oh! cards, a big pack, a Structure Deck called Tales from the Deep" are. I'd greatly appreciate being educated as I have nieces and nephews about your age and hate to be completely "out of it."
Again--congrats and have a wonderful summer!


Congratulations to Matt!
Nice choice for lunch (never too soon to start figuring these things out for yourself). Hope you have a fine summer, and I urge you to look forward to 7th grade with confidence - it's a very good year.

An Angry Old Broad

Ahh,Jr High.(though here we have middle school instead which starts with 6th grade)My son just "graduated"from elementary school too.It's a big deal.

I love it when Daddies show off how proud they are.Good Job Lance,you have a handsome young man there.

Good luck Matt,have a great 7th grade year!

res publica

Congrats to Matt and the Mannion family! Good luck in Middle School, and never forget - it only gets better after that!

Pa Reader


Congratulations on the fine achievement. Also, from the photo it looks like you had no problem with the old "grab with the left and shake with the right" thing. I still don't have that figured out. Now kick back, have a great summer and get geared up for the next steps. Exciting times, indeed.

Shakespeare's Sister

Congratulations, Matt! (And to Mom, Dad, and Jack for having such a swell son and brother.)


Whoa, a tie and everything. That's pretty classy. My son's another one who's transitioning from 5th grade to middle school. His graduation purchase was a baseball cap with the "Element" logo (we're in California and he's a skater).

For the Yu-Gi-Oh impaired: Yu-Gi-Oh is an insanely complex card-based game, similar to Magic the Gathering. Yu-Gi-Oh is also the name of a character in the associated television show. Do not attempt to understand it any more deeply than that. If it were possible, it would not be interesting to young people.

blue girl

Matt -- Good luck in 7th grade -- my son's now going into 8th grade -- and he had a blast this year -- but, question for you -- are you going to join a writing club? I keep trying to talk my son into joining "Power to the Pen" -- do you have one like that? Just wondering if you have the same interests as your dad.

Anyway -- onward and upward! Have a great summer!


Grown up restaurants...keep it up, kid, and you'll be ready for that first date sooner rather than later.

(The man I married--get this--took me to Bonanza on our first date. It worked, though. I felt so sorry for him I married him and turned him into a vegetarian.)

mac macgillicuddy

Matt (and the rest of the Mannions, too) --

I have it on good authority that your Godfather has the wherewithal to read between the lines of this entry, and to understand what your dad means. And I have it on better authority that he is more than quite proud of his Godson.

(He also bets you knew in your heart that you could do it all along!)

Anne Laurie

Congratulations, Matt! Enjoy your summer (& your Yu-Gi-Oh) and look forward to the Next Big Step proudly! (P.S. Congrats also to Lance & The Blonde & the rest of the Mannion family... )

harry near indy

to young mr. mannion,

good luck in junior high school.

you looked sharp at your graduation. you got your red power tie going on. are you ready to be a player in d.c.?

i was impressed with your selection of what looks to be a fine restaurant. just wondering if you picked up the bill, or if you let your parents or grand parents do that.

Violet Mannion

I know I'm a few days late, but- Congrats Matt!! Jr.High is cool. I loved the seventh grade. It's really different @ first, but you get used to it within days. About a week or two. Have fun!!

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