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Tom W.

Thanks Lance - spreading the word means bad things can't happen in silence....freedom and rose petals, indeed.

res publica

Wow...that is...amazing. I'm not much into heros, but she's definitely a candidate. Oh, and does anyone else die a little inside from shame every time you see this Administration cast America's lot with the forces of suffering and humiliation? Because I do.

Tom W.

Blog it Res!!

Flatiron Dante

Another hero in this is Asma Jahangir. She has been doing great human rights work in Pakistan for years. I first heard about her from a former colleague of mine who represented a Pakistani woman asylee in an asylum case in which Asma was involved back in the 90s and I have admired her since.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Guys like you and Tom focus on the important shit.



This is all Tom's doing. I would have missed the story entirely but he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and forced me to pay attention.


I read about this yesterday over on Blue Oregon. It's certainly a story deserving of much wider coverage than it's getting!


Thanks Lance and Tom for bringing this story to our attention. I've passed it on. Maybe in our own little way, we can bring awareness to this appalling situation.


Pakistan gang-rape victim free to go abroad

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A Pakistani gang rape victim, whose case has been highlighted by international media, has been removed from a list of people barred from travelling abroad, the government said on Wednesday.
Mukhtaran Mai, who was gang raped on the orders of a traditional village council in 2002, had demanded that the government lift restrictions on her movements.

"On the instruction of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, the name of Mukhtaran Mai has been removed from the ECL," Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sharpao told parliament, referring to an exit control list that prevents overseas travel.

"She is free to go anywhere. She can go wherever she wants," he said.

Nice work y'all!


We spread freedom for our trade venues...

Did you think that meant freedom as in human rights and such?

BTW the darfur story is much like this, where the men don't leave the villages because they get killed, leaving the women to do it, who in turn get raped. Saldy, they go tno oil, so no freedom for them...

Adnan Y.

"Neither moderate nor enlightened, the crude gagging order has confirmed suspicions that Mr Musharraf pays lip service to human rights but often fails to deliver.

There were earlier warning signs. After Time magazine nominated Ms Mukhtaran as one of "Asia's heroes" last year, he told a meeting of newspaper editors that he was furious at the inclusion. He would have liked to "slap the reporter on the face", he raged."

From "Facing The Awkward Truth" by Declan Walsh, the Guardian's corresp. in Pakistan/Afghanistan.

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