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I'm game. I dare ya!


Ummm...wasn't MASH originally a movie? And I do believe I'd watch a Cheers adaptation just as long as the bar added to its stable of regulars Billy Bob Thornton's character from Bad Santa. (Is it ironic that I can't remember his name?)


I like the Shakespeare idea, but the lost books I really want to see are the casebooks that Watson kept in that trunk of his. You know, like The Giant Rat of Sumatra, which Watson felt couldn't yet be told, and now never has been. And I don't mean any lousy pastiches like The Seven-Percent-Solution. What the hell did Nick Meyer know?

Shakespeare's Sister

Shakespeare's Sister, who normally has a good sense of humor, thought she'd be funny and stick me with one of those blogger memes.

You know, my enthusiasm for the idea that tagging you would be endlessly amusing hasn't dampened a bit. So, from this perspective, my good sense of humor retains its sterling reputation. ;-)

John Howard

Did the character in Bad Santa even have a name?

blue girl

Lance, first of all I think you broke your rule #5 -- and *skimmed* your first comment.

Secondly, what have you done to those poor librarians?

And lastly, I do not believe there is a Christian ice cream shop. I think you completely made that up.


M*A*S*H the movie came out in 1970, the tv show in '72 (Gary Burghoff [Radar] was the only person, I believe, that was in both as the same character). Oh dear, my geekness is showing again...

res publica

I DARED you?!? Whaaa?


I'm sorry, res, my mind must have been playing tricks on me this morning. It was Ratty who dared me. So he's tagged too.

Doesn't mean you've escaped. You're already tagged even if it wasn't your fault.


Pass completed - thanks, QB Lance (wow, what a moniker!) - see you all at my place:


Blue Girl, there really is one. I swear. Word of God. Which is not the name of the shop.

The librarian story is too sordid to tell.


it didn't have space for in the dorms.

Ahem, said the grammar nazi.

"for whom it did not have space" would be closer, and that's STILL flirting with the passive voice.

Remember, we have to dress better, eat better AND write better than the cretinous heave at The Corner, or the terrorists have won. I'm just saying.



I think it's the difference between the formal and the colloquial.

His mother served him the brocolli he got sick at the sight of.

His mother served him the brocolli the sight of which made him sick.

As for dressing better and eating better, I'm beaten on both counts, so I guess I have to hand in the towel.

Or should it be "on both of which counts I am beaten"?


I guess I have to hand in the towel.

If that's all you're wearing, then I guess the blog-beefcake/cheesecake sweepstakes just got taken to the next level, didn't it?

res publica

Okay I did it. It sucks, because I hate those meme things, but in the immortal words of my favorite anti-drug PSA, "I learned it from you, okay!! I learned it from watching YOU!!"

blue girl

Sordid, huh? Ok, funny boy - what word is missing here?

"Look at her. This is a lonely woman looking for companionship.. ... Spinster. ...

Maybe a virgin. ... Maybe she got hurt a long time ago. She was a schoolgirl. There was
a boy It didn't work out. Now she needs a little tenderness. She needs a little understanding.

She needs a little ......? - what?

Lance Mannion

"She needs a little Kramer!"

Same episode:

"A librarian named Bookman? That's like a guy who sells ice cream named Cohn."

blue girl

One of my all time favorite episodes :))

I remember when the librarian was a much older woman: Kindly, discreet, unattractive. We didn't know anything about her private life.

We didn't want to know anything about her private life. She didn't have a private life. While you're thinking about that, think about this:

The library closes at five o'clock, no exceptions. This is your final warning.

Got that, kewpie-doll?

blue girl

Go here to read the whole episode:

I miss them!

Mad Kane

Lance, how clever of you to earn major Brownie points from me by making me one of your "This Week's Guest Stars," before hitting me with an Evil Meme. Otherwise I would have had to kill you.

It may be a while before I post my response cause I'm hard at work on a spanking new song parody. Plus my husband's on vacation for the next two weeks and he tends to be ... uh ... distracting.


Sis is right. Funnier'n shit. You English majors are a hoot!

res publica

I am disappointed that Lance wasn't provoked by my assigning him the nickname of "Bootsie". I hereby formally request that everyone refer to him as "Bootsie" (complete with quotation marks) henceforth!



Why should I be mad. I thought everybody knew my real name is Bootsie.

res publica

Curses! Foiled again!

Shakespeare's Sister

He's lying. His real name is Rod Bigstaff.

You can never get a straight answer from this guy.

res publica

Hey...I used to date a Rod Bigstaff. that you?? I...I never knew you could read and write, honey!


So Hot! Rods and Lances and all that - it's so hard to seat an historical table and not have it turn into a boy orgy. I am dismayed, as a host. Madame de Stael, perhaps? I've got to round this out....

You know, the question should also have touched on menu.


Thanks for tagging me, Lance. Interesting meme. Enjoyed reading your answers.

I'll post mine as soon as I'm able. Having computer problems at the moment (I'm at my parents’ house today and am using theirs).

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