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"The editors write, "The Evil Empire of the Soviet Union put the Manifesto into practice.""
This is saying we are good guys, I am not convinced right now, though I wish we were..

I loved Beyond good an evil, I always loved this quote of his...

"by means of music, the very passions enjoy themselves"
Apophthegms and Interludes #106 - Beyond Good and Evil - F.N.


Check out the board of selectors for the Big Bad 10 and the Runners-Up - a couple of ringers and a lot of research associates, asst profs, and winger think-tank and specialist publisher hangers-on. Not a lot of brain power in there, sad to say.
I do love, myself, the evil portrait of Nietzsche, tho - Mephistopheles incarnate! (Photos of the guy make him out to be much, much milder, as, indeed, he was.) Besides, unless you've read almost the entire corpus, you can't tell when FN is being straightforward or ironic - hazardous to take out of context - and many have tried, to their detriment.
O - the whole fucking thing is an enterprise in idiocy!!!

Shakespeare's Sister

This morning I wrote that this list is an attempt at mind-control, part of a larger process of keeping young conservatives semi-literate, half-educated, and ignorant of any ideas that their leaders don't spoonfeed them.

Yesterday Shakespeare's Sister wrote that the list is "basically all the books that if an ignorant, conservative, red state halfwit actually read might turn them into a liberal."

See, it's good that we frequently write on the same topics. You say things nice, and I say things the Shakes way. Good cop. Rude cop.


Welcome back, btw.

harry near indy

tyrannies want their subjects dumb and obedient.

they also want them fearful.

ignorance, obedience, and fear -- three wonderful ways to control others.

James Kabala

Wouldn't it have been better if you had actually attempted to refute the claims that Kinsey's research was flawed and even fraudulent, instead of just dismissing such arguments with a sneer?


Well, James, it might have. But that would have meant taking the list seriously as an intellectual exercise and not the attempt at propaganda that it is. The Kinsey Report, like every other book on the list, isn't there because the editors had serious intellectual criticisms of them. If that's all the list was about, The Bell Curve would have been on the list too.

I'm willing to listen to an argument that the Kinsey Report is a harmful work of sociology because its flawed methodology led to wrong conclusions that caused specific harm to specific people in specific ways, but not that it's somehow equivalent to works by Hitler and Mao Zedong. The editors of the list don't care about the methodology anyway. They care about the supposed effects, which according to them isn't harm to any particular people, it's sexual liberation in general. Bad thing, people having sex and enjoying it. Why, almost as bad as marching 6 million people to their deaths.


If I were to compile a similar list, would it be cheating if I just took the last two booklists from Regnery Press and inserted them into the template?

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