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Can we see what the shirts look like?

Uncle Merlin

Had the Boys up this weekend! As Uncle Merlin it was my duty to make sure they got to Revenge of the Sith! I bought our tickets online Tuesday for the following Sunday. At the time there was choice of 30 shows and we all went to the 5:20 like good NY commuters!
I invited some friends to join us on Tuesday and they went online Wednesday morning but to all our surprise ALL 30 shows were sold out! So they couldn’t join us on Sunday so I am taking them tonight to get Religion.
Now when the Mannions and I trudged into the theater I had smartly printed out our tickets at home ( Remember Merlin always saves time never spends it). The ticket said “Auditorium 2”.
Well! There are two separate wings at Severe Revere two separate Giant wings at opposing ends of the Cafés. I saw the 5:20 at the right so off we went only to be told by the Ticket Lady / Podium Person ( she appeared to be immovable and welded to the ticket drop booth like a First Class Passenger was to the Life Boats!) our show was over in the OTHER wing!
Well! One doesn’t want to look foolish in front of one’s nephews especially pre teen nephews as there isn’t much time left not to look foolish!
Off we go to the left wing. There we find another TL/PP who was a higher end model and could actually move from behind her booth to help us back to the Original wing where our show was.
AH! But in order to deflect rejection from the original TL/PP a second time our new TL/PP withdrew a pen and scratched out the “Auditorium 2” and wrote “#15”. This little piece of penmanship, (Why didn’t I think of it?), would save us all, all except Uncle Merlin.
Nephew #2 was starting to look askance at his Uncle as if he was beginning to wonder if I had all my marbles with all this marching back and forth around the popcorn displays.
Finally we get into great seats as you always can do at Severe Revere.
Oh and Nephew #2 got his popcorn so the looks subsided once we were settled into our seats.
When the show started there must have been 40 empty seats!! How do these online ticket services work?? Does the theater save seats for walk ups like hotels do with rooms??

My Mother had this system for the Holiday Inn in Montreal! It never failed! She would call up from Mighty Schenectady to book a room and they would always say “So sorry we are Booked up”.
But that never stopped her! We would get in the Starfire Oldsmobile and drive the 3.5 hours to Montreal and in she would walk to the front desk and request a room. This would be met with a frown and then we would be told to have a seat in the Lobby until 2:30 pm upon which a room would be vacant for us for as long as we needed!
Now my mother was tightwad Highlander so there was NO money changing hands here over the desk, but it worked every time and we got to see Expo 67 that way!

Never take no for an answer!

We had a great weekend but we didn’t get to watch enough Stargate SG-1. The Mannions will have to come back again soon. They are only in Season 3 just entering Season 4 poor things! I will correct that!
One knows it was a good weekend because the Fridge was depleted, The Hooch was gone, the Dog (known as Monster) was tired, and the trucks were out of gas! Get gone Mannions Get gone!

Uncle Merlin

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