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alley rat

It is SO TRUE that cats in their total evilness know when you are allegic. I'm terribly,horribly allergic and they just make a beeline for me. And rub all over me. But I sort of like them for it; that kind of evil is kind of sexy.


Ah, hate the sin, not the sinner. Feel free to hate cat dander and saliva. When they rub you, they're marking you with their scent, making you part of the pride.

Look directly at them, or try to stroke them. They'll probably take off and hide, as is the contrary way with cats. Or they'll scratch and bite.


Cats are amazing. In a room full of cat-lovers, they unerringly zero in on the one person who cannot, for one reason or another, tolerate their presence, and make that person their special friend.

If you haven't tried Claritin for your allergies, you might want to give it a shot. I suffered miserably for decades before running across it - it's really a miracle drug for allergy sufferers.

Don't buy the name-brand stuff or you'll pay a buck a pill. Best deal I've found so far is Costco, where 180 pills (a six-month supply for one person) will set you back less than $15.

j. bryant

Ah, but I'm a long term cat lover (and dog for that matter - right now my pit bull is waiting for me to get off the computer and do something interesting!) but at this point I feel I must speak up for cats.
Cats sense illness and distress and will try to comfort you through it. They interpret the dislike of cats as distress and so will come to you to help out. They probably sensed Lance's and went for him and as he's been getting worse they've really seen their work is cut out for them. Okay - I don't know if it is true or not - can't even remember where I read it - but I liked the interpretation. 'Course, it doesn't help Lance one bit.

Shakespeare's Sister

Jill's right. My cats follow me around constantly (if being constantly in my way and under my feet can be described as "following me around"), but never are they more intent than when I am sick or upset. It's the same with anyone else who comes over.

Especially if they've walked through the catmint in the garden. Then you're likely to have three cats making passionate love to your shoes.

Red Tory

As a reluctant cat owner (it was my wife’s idea) I sympathize with your grief. As far as I’m concerned they’re totally useless creatures — slightly higher on the hierarchical “ladder of pets” than rats, lizards or guinea pigs. Mine is spoiled rotten and yet still avoids me like the plague (except, of course when hungry or wanting back in the house). Worse than useless, they’re perverse. Occasionally, she’ll piss on the laundry pile for no apparent reason whatsoever. Lovely… So there I am: an total idiot who actually pays good money to be completely ignored and walk around smelling faintly of cat piss. Go figure.


Thanks for the allergy advice, folks.

Red Tory, sometime I'll tell the story of the nightmare summer when I lived in a house with six cats.

Jill, you're right. The medicine I've been taking has worked wonders and the cats have been completely ignoring me. I should be grateful, but I kind of resent them for it.


"I hate cats.

You want to know why I hate cats?

I'm allergic to them."

How could you!!!???!?!?!?!?

I was allergic to cats but when we got our first, ti went away over time. Not sure how or why but it did. Cats are the best!!! I should know ;)

The Heretik

The Sith might have been evil, but alas, the movie they were in was boring, as in nice special effects, George, but boring.

Let me know the point at which Lucas stopped telling us what was going on that was new rather than showing us a rehash of old stuff that once had some originality, at least in style, when it was first made.

Now to the true matter at hand. You do not yet realize your true place in the world. It is a cat's world. Not a single cat feels sorry for you. Cats barely tolerate you or me or anybody else.

The threat to you from those cats is real, Lance. but at least it is interesting, at least to me, a most perverse observer. As I said, the cat's don't care. They don't give a rat's ass, whatever that means. You are not the cat's meow. Nor am I.

Everyday I am up against two cats, two dogs, and two teenagers. Wah, wah, wah. What a poor pathetic Heretik I must be!

Sorry about the sneezing you must have suffered. That Sith flick was nothing to sneeze at or something to sneeze at. Oy.

Red Tory


Well, we all have our own amusing "cat tales", so to speak, but look forward to hearing one day about your catastrophic summer experience.

Sorry for the puns btw. I just couldn't resist.


There's a theory about this.

Some people, when they see a cat, make this sort of wincing/squinting face meant to express dislike.

Cats make the same sort of squinty face, but when they do it the meaning is "Let's get cozy and be friends."

Is it true? Beats me. I love cats. But next time try the wide-eyed glare approach and see if it doesn't get the point across.


Open your eyes wide and smile when you see a cat approaching. It will ward them off.


I love cats, but I do see a point in favor of your annoyance.

In the future, when you find yourself in the unavoidable company of a Fuzzy Master, here are some things that might help.

1. Vaccum daily.
2. Use Ionic breeze filters.
3. Take a damp wash-clothe and have someone who isn't allergic wipe the cat down. That will stop the dander from spreading.
4. Give the cat a bath once a week.

My father holds cats in the same high regaurd as you. When he comes and visits, we do all of the following. He isn't bothered by his allergies.

Also, make eye-contact with the cats. They'll usually back down. The reason they like you is because you avoid looking at them. Challenge them, and they'll respect you.


HERE HERE !! I too have alway's hated cat's. I grew up on a farm that mainly raised chicken, and those damn cat's did everthing in their power to kill the chick's. While growing up I learned all sort's of way's to rid our farm of the pest's.


I was about to kill one of my wife's three cats. A black, red-tonged snarler that has the most annoying meaw. it lasts and lasts like a wining Edith Bunker in "All in the Family". Well, it was wining and I walked passed it and it snarled and scratched me and I attemted to field-kick it out of Brooklyn. It got away, again.

On hearing about my allergy to cats, a friendly veterinarian made a passing comment that cats are mortally allergic to Aspirin...She also demonstrated how easy it was to give cats vitamis in gel or paste form by smearing some on their noses. I immediately thought of Aspercream... Good thing I read this blogg, thanks and, my condolences on the cats.

mac macgillicuddy

I just hope your wife doesn't read it until you are out of the country.

Anne Laurie

If you share a household with a pet, dog or cat, that you're allergic to, your overstimulated immune system eventually learns that the animal's dander is not actually some kind of deadly infection. Same idea as those old-fashioned desensitization shots, but with fewer co-pays and more housecleaning. I can attest to this, since I'm mildly allergic to cats & dogs, but have chosen to share my house with members of both species. This doesn't mean that I don't need chemical assistance to cope with OTHER dogs or cats in groups (at cat shows or dog obedience trials). But it's a ray of hope for companion-animal-philes with itchy eyes & runny noses...

Dogs are great housemates, and cats are great housemates, and the combination of the two is a limitless source of humor & occasionally pathos. The thing about dogs, though -- they're so NEEDY. Like teenage boys, they want to be around their "peeps" 24/7, and they have NO sense of personal space. If I come home in a vile mood after a day of too many people demanding too much attention, the cats take one look and give me my space. The dogs take one look & think they can make me feel better by yarping, whining, pawing at my pantyhose, wiping their gluey noses on my suit, and trying to trip me up by gluing themselves to my feet. Snarling (or the threat of violence) doesn't discourage them -- they just redouble their efforts to "cheer me up" by driving me 'round the twist. And that's when I too have sometimes resorted to biochemical assistance, although not of the type sold as "allergy medication", if you get my drift...

Cat Hater #1

I have never liked cats but since I got two dogs my hatred for them has only increased a million fold. They are without a doubt the most useless and self absorbed creature one could ever choose as a pet. Cats refuse to adapt to you where as a dog understands it is a mutally loving relationship, a cat is a natural asshole. And who wants a pet that is going to run and hide or pee on your bed if someone new comes in your house. I love it how cat owners are always so worried about stressing their cat out so most are incredibly undisplined. Also if you like being shut in your house alone I guess a cat is great but fot the rest of us you learned social skills in pre-school and like the company of others and taking our pets for a walk, a dog is the way to go. If nothing else, the only animal I want going to the bathroom in my house is me, period. Cats are disgusting.

Terrorized By Catowner

First of all, thanks for this opportunity for me to vent my frustrations.

My wife and I are expecting our first child (it's a girl) in October and we just bought a new home. We've been fixing up the house all summer and during that time I noticed a lot of cats hanging around and I'd chase them away each time. Now that we're settled in the house they've been driving me crazy. We have at least six cats that are constantly running through the yard, using our backyard and flowerbed as a litterbox, and killing rabbits and other small animals and leaving the dead carcasses behind. In one instance, I heard a screeching sound outside and I went out to find six cats encircling a baby rabbit and tearing to pieces. It was like watching lions attacking a gazel on a National Geographic special. Beyond that, the bacteria left behind by outdoor cats that defecate and urinate in your yard can cause serious problems to pregnant women and their unborn children (see toxoplasmosis).

Not seeing collars on any of these cats, and noticing that some were pretty well beaten up, I just assumed they were all strays. So I called the city and an animal control officer immediately came over with live traps. According to the officer, whether they are strays or not, it is illegal for cats to roam free. So they set up their traps and caught a cat (along with a couple of racoons). Well come to find out, the cat that we caught was a neighbor's cat -- one of three. In addition, the other neighbor has three, and another neighbor has two -- and they all let their cats roam. I'm surrounded by idiots!

After the neighbor paid her fine and got her cat back (by the way, I put her in touch with the city after I found out the cat was hers, because she was too stupid or lazy to call city to ask if they picked up a cat), she called me and screamed at me hysterically for nearly an hour. She didn't care that we didn't want her cats in my yard. She didn't care that it's her responsiblity to keep her cats in her own yard. (She says it's impossible to control them.) She doesn't understand that she's breaking the law. The bottom line is that she is one of many in society who don't believe in personal responsibility, but I digress.

The killer came after about a half hour into her tirade. She actually threatened to kidnap our unborn child to "teach us a lesson." She said because she never could have children, she now has cats, and her cats are her babies. Therefore we "kidnapped" her baby, and she believes in "an eye for an eye." I almost dropped the phone. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought I was in a nightmare and couldn't wake up. This woman is absolutely nuts!

While trying to calm her down and defuse the situation I agreed to have the city to take the traps away. I have since made a written record of her threat and reported it to the animal control officer. The cats have stayed away for a few days, but I'm beginning to notice that they're coming back. I now feel "trapped" because we're the new people on the block trying to change things in an established cat neighborhood. But this person is unreasonable and I feel that things are going to get much worse before they get better.

It just seems crazy since most people would be up in arms if dogs were running around the neighborhood, killing rabbits and spreading toxic bacteria. But for some reason it's OK because they're cats. I'm flummoxed. And I don't necessarily blame the cats, because they're just doing what they do naturally. I just wish the cat owners had more brains.

Cat Hater #1

Yes my friend, I understand your pain. It is insane how the cat has corrupted people. Don't let anyone tell you that there is such a thing as an "outdoor" cat because there is not! The animal has been domesticated for over 4,000 years yet for some reason people who like them refuse to treat them like a normal pet and keep the bugger inside, train it on a leash or give it a special area that you monitor while it plays outside. I don't get these who claim to love their pet cats but do not put tags or identification on it and just let it roam free where numerous bad things could happen to it including me trying my hardest to end the animals life. I love dogs and have two and would never dream of just opening the door and saying ok guys see you later, come back at when you want. How irresponsible is that? And don't even get me started on the crazy cat lady down the street and her 15 digusting cats who use the street as a litter box. It is so foul it makes me gag. I have had her fined yet nothing happens. She won't put food out for a day or two and then back to usual. If I were you I wouldn't be nice at all. Screw her and her "babies." If you want catch them and take them to a shelter or catch them a do what should and must be done, teach her a lesson that she will never forget. It is time for cat owners to take responsiblity for their pets and realize that as the bigger more territoral species man can and will take matters into thier own hands if pushed byt digusging cats and stupid people who "own" them.


thank you so much for your insight...i am suffering an asthma attack due to my inconsiderate sister who, knowing of my visit, and my severe allergy to her 3 cats, cannot keep to the agreement and confine the stupid critters to half of the house!!! last week i almost had to go to the hospital. perhaps there are cat lovers out there who pity the dumb animals and ask why i cannot find another place to stay. well, i do have another place to stay, but have agreed to help out my sister and her live-in boyfriend with their business while he is out of town. this involves my staying at the cat infested apt so i don't get stuck with a 3 hour commute. if she would just keep the cats on one half of the apt i wouldn't be suffering. it is too late for me to drive to my alternate abobe and i just think it is totally rude and inconsiderate of her.....


Cats are an abomination. Domestic cats kill an estimated 60 million native wild birds each year. "Outdoor Cats" are "subsidized predators" meaning they are often fed by their owners yet still have the instinct to kill, despite the lack of metabolic need. Those which are not fed become feral, competing with native wildlife and exposing species to a class of predator for which millions of years of evolution has not prepared them. It is a moral imperative for any eco-conscious person to kill each and every domestic cat they encounter while out-of-doors.

The most effective method for ridding an area of cats is with a small rifle. An inexpensive bolt-action .22 caliber rifle firing hollow-point bullets will humanely dispatch any cat, although .17 HMR or .22 magnum rifles would also be excellent tools to consider. Shotguns firing #2 bismuth shot are also very effective at ranges up to 30 yards. Where firearms cannot be employed because of local ordinances, body-gripping traps have proved extremeley effective in cat control. I can heartily recommend the #220 size, as it can be very selective if placed into openings into which only cats can gain access. The #220 trap will kill all cats instantly, with no fuss. Catnip and fish-based baits may be employed. In confined areas, cats may be poisoned with the appropriate rat-control toxins, although the use of such tools is less humane than shooting or kill-trapping, and should only be employed where no other animal can come into contact with the poison. Just follow the instructions on the label.

Friendly cats can easily be caged and injected with acetone; this inexpensive solution brings unconciousness followed by a quick, humane death.

Most states allow cats to be killed at all seasons, although in some states a special permit may be required. This permit is usually granted with no questions asked, since the plague of free-ranging cats taxes local animal shelters and reducing their numbers is of benefit to the whole community.

Please do your part to rid your region of free-roaming and "outdoor" domesticated cats. If you own your own cats, please have them put to sleep or inject them with acetone immediately.

Mike the Rocker

You guys are cruel dudes! But that weird lady is crueller.
I love cats though.


P.S. check out the URL and become a Possefan! Me and my homeboy have been rockin' the Northwest lately.


I dont hate but detest cats and dogs, people who have pets are losers who have emotional problems and they fill those emotion gaps by having pets, and all those animal lovers (PETA) especially can have all those cats and dogs for them . Having said this I don't wanna say that I am a animal hater, i love cheetahs but not as pets, they look good in their natural environment and "NOT IN PEOPLES HOUSES".


What "Realist" said wansnt true - i looked it up, i.e. asked this vet guy my family are friends with, and he said it's a common myth but it isnt true. Sorry cat lovers. You con't really stand up for them after all.
(in case you havent realised i'm talking about the comment that said cats think your distressed and they try and comfort you. It's not true.)
In reality cats only realy think about themselves anyway, they probably don't care if your distressed! Even the vet agreed with that!

Daryl Makk

Check this video out if you hate cats!!


I hate cats more than any of you. Actually, I was just trying to find a site on how to kill the stray cat that keep eating my puppies food when I got pissed and typed I HATE CATS. That's when I found this site. I got some excellent tips on the poison control website. Trying Ajax tonight... I'll keep you posted.


check this site out


I'm with you... I hate cats more than anyone I know! I even created a website devoted to cat-haters. I don't know why anyone would want one in their house.
Cat Haters Unite!

Cat Haters Of the World


i hate cats.
they seem so evil
and mean. they never
anything fun. Plus i'am
playful kind of person.
so i think dogs are better.

Cat defender

There are too many reasons why cats are better than dogs, but I'll only list one-Dogs are mindless zombies who love you if you give them a bacon crumb or a piece of kibble, and cats will love you only if you're a good person.
Owner of this site-
You probably are a good person if cats make a beeline for ya, but you're pretty dumb to hate an entire species just 'cause you're allergic to 'em and have this retarded idea that "the evil cats all want to make me suffer by giving me an allergy".


I'm a crazy cat lady. I adore cats beyond all reason. That being said,

1.I absolutely HATE cat owners who let their cats wonder free without monitoring.

Free-roaming cats spread disease, kill endangered species, and are a bloody bother to everyone around them. The Psyco neighbor lady can't seriously consider a cat her "baby" if she lets it out without tags or supervision! There are psychopaths who torture animals out there! Your cat's life span goes from twelve years to THREE if you keep your cats outdoors!

I'd call the ASPCA on her butt, and get her cat taken away if I could. And I adore cats so she can't pull that lying emotional blackmail bit on me.


As for the "Why do cats try to cuddle the people who hate them?" question:

Don't give me the schmaltzy crap about cats "sensing distress".

Cats are creatures of territory. When a cat is trying to move into a new territory, the other cats will stare directly at the new cat as the first stages of "Warning" the cat off.

Hence, when I have a party and my friends come over, the cat will avoid the people looking at the cat and trying to call him over. They are obviously preparing for a fight. The cat will make a be-line to the people who are avoiding him. They obviously want to be friends because they aren't trying to dominate him with a stare-down.

Try it. If you don't want a cat to come up to you, stare directly at it in the eyes and say "I am not cat people. Please go away."

My allergic father does this, and cats almost never bother him now.

It's not malicious intent from the cat OR that bit of bullshit about a cat wanting to "heal" you. It's a fundamental difference between feline and human body language.

That's the problem with most people with an irrational hatred of cats. You expect their minds to work like a human's or a dog's. Their tiny fuzzy brains don't work like ours, though, so you can't expect them to behave the same way. I happen to like that, but to each his own.

I don't recommend using a shot-gun on the strays. It just doesn't work. You aren't going to get all of the cat's, and you leave a hole in their ecosystem. This means that the cats who remain will breed to fill the hole surprisingly quickly, sometimes with even more cats and two kitten can easily survive on the food it would take to keep an adult cat healthy. You just wind up having to go out there AGAIN in six months. If you want to get rid of strays you should use a trap-neuter-release program. The population slowly drops, over time, and the ecological niche is filled with animals that actually BELONG there, not with the more quickly breeding strays.


meh. why keep cats indoors when they can just as wel stay outside. we have had cats all our lives and it would be cruel (not to mention impossible) to keep them indoors. it saves the cat litter btw.

never had them spread disseases or stuff. yeah they kill mice. but thats their instinct unfortunatly.. for the rest they're happy little critters. Must say that we live more on the country side, so I supose that makes a difference.


btw, poisoning and killing cats (or anything besides then cats for that matter) is just pathetic. dont you think some of those cats may have owners. I would kick your ass dead if you would touch my cat sicko. thats just a sad and uneffective way to deal with your problems. Why would you spend money on things you hate? or even your energy? why hate? just ignore it, and get another solution. and get a life and some sense. the problem with this world is people like that. thats the whole mentality that causes murder and war. and the decay of the world.


to the guy whining about birds but now afraid to kill other living creaturs and his guns. are you trying to compensate for something else? poor exuse for a human being :s who are you to decide what should be kept alive and what not? you're not a god. how about the fact that human beings are actually responsible for the extinction of many animal sorts? for ruining this planet all together? for many terrors like war? that we overpopulate this planet? will you inject people with aceton? why don't you start with yourself? :)


WOW people are so... oh whats the word DISGUSTING sure this blog took place acouple years ago but the thing is animal cruelty is ILLEGAL, odd word I know. Second of all I own acouple cats horses, dogs, birds and so on but the thing is I would so gladly choose a cat over a dog any day I don't like animals that NEEED to be taken care of ALL the time or are dumb(my lab is a bloody retard) I have noticed with most dogs they are dumb they go threw the garbage chase other animals( oh it's really fun when they chase a 1,000 pound horse and then get stepped on) They beg constantly....In my word dogs are one of the dumbest animals as with cats atleast I could leave them alone(i have never done) for acouple of days with lots of water and food and they could look after themselves. Dogs after a few hours would probably die. Like my stupid lab he constantly pisses everywhere and he can manage to just walk around while doing it. My cats have never done that. As for allergies both my mother and brother are allergic to cats,dogs, and horses and they continue to have them as pets . And as for that person who said something about shooting cats....If they are such a "pest" to other wildlife then maybe people should be hunted as well as we are COMPLETELY OVER POPULATED.
Oh and think about how dumb are animals???? Who feeds them? who does everything for them? who picks up their waste? Humans? yuppers we are pretty whipped.
So in the long run animals 1 humans 0

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