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"The Chrysanthemum Palace" wasn't bad, but I'm surprised you bought it. It's one of those books libraries was invented for. "I'm Losing You" was much better; TCP was sort of a one-handed piano riff.

I've always been in love with Arkady Renko, hero of Martin Cruz Smith's detective novels. I fear falling for him, though, because his great love came to a bad end and the rest just sort of get shuffled off in the last chapter.


Nance, I had a gift certificate and I own I'm Losing You already. I knew that about you and Arkady and it's had me worried. We all want you to stick around for way past the last chapter.



All right, give me a day to think about it.



Wonderful! Thank you. I knew you would have some fantastic choices and even better explanations why....


A-ight. La commedia é finita. Check 'er out.

Tilli (Mojave Desert)


What's your favorite PG Wodehouse story?

(I vote for "Jeeves and the Old School Chum" -- featuring "The Pyke")

Could your boys do a post recommending books for littler kids? (my kindergarten nephew and first grade niece). On the topic of bookish kids: Johnny's reaction when my sister came up with craft-ideas for a rainy Sunday: "But I thought when you said we were gonna take it easy you meant we'd just cuddle and read books!"

PS -- I enjoy your blog.

blue girl

Lance, I'm finished mine up last night. Up till 1 a.m. -- partly because of this time change (still suffering) - and partly because of this challenge.



Jeeves and the Old School Chum is a good one, all right. Wodehouse always seemed especially inspired when Bingo Little was in the picture. One of my favorites is "Sonny Boy," which is all Bingo and Rosie M. Banks and Oofy Prosser, no Jeeves or Bertie. I've only found it in one collection, Tales from the Drones Club.

My favorite Bertie and Jeeves stories are The Ordeal of Young Tuppy, The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy, Jeeves and the Chump Cyril, and The Metropolitan Touch (Bingo at his best).

The blonde votes for The Great Sermon Handicap.

I think you can read Comrade Bingo, The Great Sermon Handicap, The Purity of the Turf, and The Metropolitan Touch as one long story.

That's a good idea about having the boys do a post on their old favorite books. I'll put them to work on it this weekend.


Okey doke - mine are here:

Thanks for the opportunity. And, hey, I got those marvelous Early Marxist Masterpieces for the holidays - you do them justice!


Iola Morton was one spicy dish of pure womanhood, that's for sure! Callie was a bit of a loudmouth. My first literary crush was Irene Adler - for obvious reasons, I'm sure. Used to fantasize about her wearing nothin' but a deerstalker cap & a smile.



Iola was definitely curvier. Irene Adler's a great choice. I never thought about the deerstalker hat thing, but now I won't be able to get it out of my head.

I own a deerstalker, actually. Hmmmm. I wonder if the blonde is up for a little role playing...

Josh Canel

My first literary crush: Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.

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