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blue girl

Wooo-hooo! Great post.

"Whose faith tells them that women have no useful contribution to make to the world except for the ones they can make with their wombs or at the stove or behind a vacuum cleaner or the wheel of a minivan."

I don't even think they want us driving. I get weird looks from my Republican mother-in-law when I drive instead of my husband --

Shakespeare's Sister

Great post, Lance.

I noted today that the particular people of faith about whom you're talking have a name. They're dominionists, and we should all start using it.

No more "Christians" (because we all know that's far too broad), no more "evangelical Christians" (because there are evangelical Christians who don't want to blur the line between church and state), and no more "conservative Christians" (because you can be a conservative Christian without being a hatemonger and wanting control of the government).

They are dominionists, and we all need to start calling them what they are.

The Heretik

Nicely done compendium on the coming conflagration here. What I consistently perceive in this sorry situation is just how much a burning cross is being used as a hammer. The nail that sticks out shall be sledge hammered down with a vengeance. If the framework of our society and of our constitution are splintered and our house divided falls down in flames upon us, it will matter little to the leaders of this New Inquisition.

Our nation was founded on respect for many voices, with the idea that no one voice spoke the truth of god for all. Ours has never been a nation of lords, nor a nation where one group could so shamelessly endeavor to lord so overt an agenda over the rest of us.

The New Dominionists will not long have their way, before it is exposed for what is: not the word of God, more the work of man, in service to a dark vision.


James Madison must be rolling over in his grave....

"The reason the judiciary has been able to impose a separation of church and state that's nowhere in the Constitution is that Congress didn't stop them."

My ass! This is the kind of crap that make me feel like my head is going to explode. Poorly educated people who haven't read Madison's writings about the First Amendment hear it from the mouths of authority figures and blindly believe it.

For God's sake, Madison thought Congressional chaplains and theology courses at public universities were violations of the First Amendment, never mind Federal money being funnelled directly to churches from an office of "faith-based initiatives" in the White House.

For my money Madison on the First Amendment is just about as definitive as you can get since he's the one who oversaw its drafting and passage!

Here's a link to and earlier piece I wrote w/ plenty of quotes from Madison:

Faith means believing in something even though you can't prove it, it does NOT mean believing in something even though it's patently false! That's not faith, that's delusion.


I use to be pretty cool about religion and people's beliefs, and chose to be agnostic more as to not offend folks arround me. Recently I became very intolerant of religion and a full born again atheist.

I wish it was governmnet policy to squash all religion, but alas, freedom of religion, afterall, is that which makes most sense...

The other day I heard someone on TV calling these guys Mulahs, very effective. That is what they are, they are trying to turn us into Iran...

Tilli (Mojave Desert)

Let us pray that the Dems get religion and hold tight.

Wave as Frist et al drive themselves right off the rails.

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