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The original diner used in the Rosie's diner Bounty commercials has been moved to Michigan and is open and operating, with two (or maybe more) additional rescued diners on the site. If you are ever heading north from Grand Rapids on US-131, take the Sparta/Greenville exit and turn right. May I recommend the hot beef sandwich?


The topic of this post reminds me of the book "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton. "Once upon a time there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well built." The rosy-pink Little House, on a hill surrounded by apple trees, watches the days go, by from the first apple blossoms in the spring through the winter snows. Always faintly aware of the city's distant lights, she starts to notice the city encroaching on her bucolic existence. First a road appears, which brings horseless carriages and then trucks and steamrollers. Before long, more roads, bigger homes, apartment buildings, stores, and garages surround the Little House. Her family moves out and she finds herself alone in the middle of the city, where the artificial lights are so bright that the Little House can no longer see the sun or the moon. She often dreams of "the field of daisies and the apple trees dancing in the moonlight." One day a woman recognizes her and whisks her back to the country where she belongs.

Although used to the city, I hope the Munson Diner also finds fields of daisies and apple trees in the country.


Man, NYC does have a lot of good diners, but Tom's Restaurant was never one of them. It was a slight bit better than College Inn, but only that.

It was cheap, though, and that counted for a lot for Columbia students.

harry near indy

the name of ramsey al-rikabi -- now THAT'S another only-in-American story right there.

i recognize that ramsey is a scottish name, and al-rikabi sounds arabic (don't know for sure).

that's america for ya -- mix it up. most of the time, it's good, and some times, it's too good to be true.

The Heretik

The Munson Diner gone? LM, the West Side of Manhattan is littered with car dealerships for now. Just wait til that new stadium goes up over the Penn Yards. Yuppie, I mean, yup, it will be like the Eighties all over again. No conscience in the real estate game. Oh, wait a minute. That's how it's always been in New York.

Been to Times Square lately? I lived at Fortyeighth and Eighth for a few years back in the day before they said back in the day. Times Square today is a fricking Disney Theme Park I swear I miss the daze when Mickey Mouse sized midgets would come out of porn shops and hit you up for a dollar, just before they would um relieve themselves on the street.

Or maybe I don't miss those days.

blue girl

"Trivia:  How did she lose her job and how did George try to make use of this to get the gang back into Monk's?"

I can't believe I missed an episode of Seifeld....what's the answer?


[nitpick] Tom's is at 112th, not 114th. [/nitpick]. And at this point it's overpriced and not terribly good; on the other hand, it's open real late, which is why people tend to still go there. at least in my experience.


okay, I'll bite. Kramer gets his girlfriend fired by calling her at work, and George thinks he can do the same by calling her at Monks.


Hooray, ts! You are the only one to come through with the correct answer. Congratulations! Your prize is being sent to you direct from the headquarters of Vandalay Industries.

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