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Trish Wilson

I'm a classic Trek fan too, much more so than a fan of the subsequent shows. I own the Star Trek Concordance, and I didn't know until recently how much that book is worth.

I never got into the Stargate TV series so I'm not at all familiar with it. I agree with you that the actors - including Peter Cushing - made Star Wars the hit that it was. Without them, even despite the writing, it would not have been such a classic. Peter Cushing automatically makes any movie a class act anyway. The man was the epitome of class, even when he was playing someone evil.


I have felt for a while that SG1 is the new star trek. SCI FI channel is putting out some good stuff lately. I am really into BattleStar Galactica ;) This one is more dark, seems more for an older audience...

Do you not get tired of them saving the world all the time? Sometimes I can't take it. Also, I feel like Teal'c is way simplistic. I wish did more Samurai type stuff and had him reading poetry and literature and such. Sometimes the big warrior thing is a bit dull...

Still, I like the show I confess :D

mrs. norman maine

You are spending, way, WAY too much time and bandwidth thinking this stuff through.

I dig that.

mrs. norman maine

Oh blech. Both the literate and illiterate versions went through. Sorry 'bout that.


Mrs M, You think this is bad, wait'll you see what happens when Revenge of the Sith is actually in the theaters. It won't be pretty.

Don't worry about the typos. We all amke thm frm tome to team. I took care of it.

Denis, We're still working our way through the first season of SG-1, so things are still pretty fresh for us. Uncle Merlin is also a fan of Battlestar but he's warned me that it's dark and getting darker and the boys might not appreciate it until they're a bit older.

Trish, you know what Harrison Ford said to Lucas about the script for the original Star Wars, don't you? "George, you can write this shit, but you can't *say* it."

The Heretik

Lance,Not quite on the topic, but I know you have an affection for what is here:
W.C. Williams and Arse Poetica.

harry near indy

hey, you forgot dan (or don) davis, the guy who plays the general back at SG-1.

i don't have cable, but a local station (the one affiliated with upn in the indy area) runs the show on sunday nights. that and maximum exposure -- now there's trash tv!

somewhat on topic is the parallels with the fantastic four.

teal'c = the thing, the brawler
carter = mr fantastic, the science nerd
jackson = the invisible woman, often the fourth wheel on the tricycle.
o'neal = the human torch

only o'neal's the leader of the crew, while mr fantastic leads the ff. that's one difference.

and the both of them are parallel to the holy trinity and the virgin mary. the number 4 is important in mythopoetic literature; it's a number of wholeness.



I can't stress enough how much you need to watch the new Battlestar Galactica. However, I can see how you might want to wait until the boys are older.

Then again, let's think for a second about Star Wars;

The main character has his family massacred. His surrogate father is struck down. He arrives at the scene of yet another massacre, this time of Jawas. The crew of Leia's ship gets massacred. Peter Cushing and Darth Vader carry out an old fashioned genocide on the people of Alderan.

Pretty dark. Maybe they can handle BSG. But, then, I'm not a dad, so hard to say.


harry, you're right. It was a mistake to leave out Davis. He's very good, although sometimes he seems to be more of an alien than the Asgards. He did a great job on West Wing the other night, too.

Rob, They've seen all three Lord of the Rings movies too and those aren't exactly Scooby Doo. And they're really looking forward to Episode III, even though they know what happens. (I really don't want to see Mace get it, myself.) So maybe they're ready for Battlestar. I'm not sure I can handle the Starbuck sex change, myself.


I remember watching an interview with Harrison several years ago. He was asked to describe Lucas as a director. He recalled making Star Wars. Despite it being a fun shoot, one of his minor gripes was that Lucas was never very communicative about what he wanted out of their performances.

He described shooting the final escape aboard the Millenium Falcon, after rescuing the Princess, as an example. Take after take, the only feedback Lucas seemed to be able or want to offer was, "Like that, only better."

Star Wars was a fluke. We got lucky with episodes V and VI because he didn't direct them. Unfortunately, we've gotten nothing but celluloid crap with Lucas behind the reigns on episodes I and II. As good as the trailer for EPIII looks, I don't have high hopes for its success.

As for Stargate, I have to admit I was not a fan at first. In fact, I hated the last hour of the movie, starting the moment we learned that Abidos was a desert planet. I was hoping to see a world who's sky was brilliant with cascading colors and a vast, alien landscape.

I didn't start watching the series until after I caught a few episodes of season 4. With nothing else of interest on during that time slot, I simply left the channel on and watched. My interest quickly intensified, and then I decided to catch up on the series. My friend then decided to buy the series DVDs. We were finally up-to-date by the start of the 6th season, and I've been hooked ever since.

One of the things I love most about the show is that the science is explained in such a way that is both entertaining and makes sense.

Funny thing is, even though I can record both it and Atlantis using my DVR, I consider both time slots "holy hour".



you all rock sg-1 is the best show ever i like the good dr.jackson his smart. out


I just started watching Stargate and am really enjoying it. I dismissed it as overly simplistic for years. But now I find I like the good old fashioned stories ... and the stories and mythology are more complex than I realized.

So now I find myself with hundreds of hours of Stargate stories to look forward too. A pleasant surprise.


I keep hearing Stargate has added new cast.
Who are they?


Nestor: They added two characters -- Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran in seasons 8, 9 & 10) and Ben Browder (Cameron Mitchell in seasons 9 & 10). Both were in Farscape.

I'm an early fan of Star Trek, even took part in the original Star Trek conventions in NYC.

I especially liked how the Stargate movie and Stargate SG-1 used the Egyptian myths and pantheon as characters.

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