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What's the point here?

"Kids do not learn all that much from stories and movies and TV."


Don't forget video games, magazines, advertising, packaging and etc.

Do you believe all story morals are as obvious as in Mulan or Robots? Or that all morals are "good". Of course, only in those narratives that have explicit morals. Because they are clearly stated they have to be "good". Can you imagine the outrage if the stated moral of the story was "go get your own, screw the rest of the world, in fact the only way to get ahead is to screw everyone else".

Now look at advertising, fashion, video games, etc. It's the implicit, hidden messages that prevail in kids minds - and those aren't quite so goody-goody.

roy edroso

"Stories are morals." Why, yes! Which is why the best ones are difficult to translate. (You do a good job, though.)

Cheer up. If the bad guys in your story seem untouched by It's a Wonderful Life, there are many others for whom it keeps a certain sort of morality alive. You can fool all of them some of the time, etc.

There are stories the theme of which is "Be selfish" and "Disobey your parents." They were written by Ayn Rand.


"Yet many of those kids are going to grow up, go into business, and make decisions just as heartless and destructive as Ratchet's. "

Like many artsy people, you have a cliched cartoon idea of business and businesspeople.


Yehudit, you mean that people in business don't like It's a Wonderful Life?????

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