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A fun way to begin the day! I also enjoyed the sketches. A creative guy you were. Still are. Thanks for Part 2!

Trish Wilson

Interesting post. I was an art major in college. I didn't pose for art classes but I did pose nude for a photographer. They were very arty shots - filmy closeups not including my head or face. The reasons I did was (1) for the money, and (2) because I trusted him. I was active in the college's theatre club, but none of the plays involved nudity. We had some vanity-type plays that the club would endorse because certain actors and actresses wanted to play the leads, or the club's director wanted to show off, but there were no plays that involved gratuitous anything, especially nudity. This was a rather conservative college, and I don't think the administration would have approved. Back then, the play with nudity that was getting all the talk was "Equus." I saw it in Washington, D. C. Richard Burton had played the psychiatrist. The college theatre department had considered doing it but the royalties were too high and we doubted it would get administration approval. After graduating I left acting and went into tech. Much more lucrative and less damaging to the ego. I was in two stage and film unions for awhile before leaving that field altogether.

By the way, your sketches are very nice. Good job.

mac macgillicuddy

Happy birthday, Lance!


You know, Lance, you should submit these two posts to the next Carnival of Sin. Though not work-friendly, a lot of the writing there is quite good, and yours is the best.


It IS your birthday, isn't it? Well, happy one. Enjoy your spaghetti and meatballs.



Vanity productions. I like that. I wish I knew to call them that back in the day. We called them studio productions. I actually directed a couple myself. No nudity in either. One was my own script based on the work of James Thurber and the other was an evening of staged Doonesbury cartoons. This was before JJ got her performance art career going and nudity made its appearance in Doonesbury, otherwise I might have been tempted.

Thanks for the kind words about the sketches. My 20 year old self would have been thrilled. My present day self wishes he still had his 20 year old self's habit of sketching. He drew a lot more than naked cartoons of his girlfriends. Talented kid. He'd hate what I've turned him into.

I hope your photographer friend let you keep the negatives.


Mac, Nance,

Thanks but I think you have me confused with the chief copyboy here at the Mannion Daily Bugle. I was born in September of 2004. I'll pass along your good wishes and thoughts though.


Thanks. I'll look into the Carnvial.


It's your birthday, Lance? I have another dear friend who's having a birthday today too. I believe he's familiar with your work and might read this comment, so Happy Birthday to both of you!


I was looking for an old post when I ran across this... a post before I was a regular reader... Very, very funny!Gads... do I remember painting/drawing nudes. I was pretty good at compartmentalizing. It was a body, a work or art, not a thing to be drooled upon or laughed about... except for "crooked dick". No one wanted to be in class on the days when Crooked Dick was the subject. It was just too hard (no pun intended)to concentrate, too hard not to wonder how a member could bend like that and not hurt. I think the worst though was when, right after class, Crooked Dick came up and asked me out. He broke the wall of separation. I was not able to comparmentalize anymore and I don't even remember what I said other than no thank you... I'm seeing someone else which I wasn't. All I knew was I was closer to that crooked dick than I cared to be. Of course, somewhere in the recesses of my parents' attic, there are paintings of Crooked Dick... I should check them out next time I'm there... The Crooked Dick of Dorian Grey.


Okay, I forgot... while waxing poetic about Crooked Dick, I forgot to mention that your renderings have a Jules Feiffer feel to them.

blue girl

You know, Mannion -- I was involved in the theatre my entire life -- well, at least up until a few years ago. Ok. Several years ago. Who's counting? Don't be such a stickler.

I was a musical theatre major in college. I hung around music types -- theatre types, etc. my entire life. Writers, directors...

And I mean, I was heavily involved in every production.

And NONE of this NUDE stuff EVER came up. Never!

Ok. Maybe it did once. Only once! During an orgy scene...I think in "Pippin" -- (was there an orgy scene in Pippin?) I was between two gay guys and we had a blast. Not in *that* way -- in the way we thought it was funny. We laughed a lot under our breaths, but the audience thought we were the utmost professionals.

Other than that, none of this nude stuff ever came up.

I'm not sure whether that says something more about *me* or *you.*


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