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roy edroso

That's very kind of you, Lance. Now if I could only figure out why I read that crap...

I almost never read LGF. They always leave their nut grafs in plain sight; it's too easy.


For another view on why they're so mad, take a look at The Poor Man today:


My girlfriend and I rented a cabin on lake in the Adirondacks last year at one of those places where you share the space with 6-10 other cabins.

I think I was trying to show her the lower-middle class vacations of my youth. At the campfire one night we were talking with the other folks who were staying there. One family was from Syracuse and one couple was from Ithaca. The woman from Syracuse said, "Ithaca, I wouldn't even drive through Ithaca!" My girlfriend and I looked at each other and said, "Um, why won't you drive through Ithaca?:

Syr: Because they got those cults down there. You don't know that?

us: No

Syr: It was all over the news, you didn't see that on the news.

us: No (thinking....I think we have enough real news in NYC)

Ith: Well I tell you I don't notice the cults so much as the bisexuals. There's a lot of bisexuals in Ithaca.

us: Um, how do you know who is a bisexual?

Ith: They got this bumper stickers they put on their cars.

We love telling that story. The folks from Syracuse wanted to know what celebrities we had seen and they were very impressed that I seen Al Roker the week before our trip.



I just saw your other post where you talked about Lake George.

The place I used to vacation as a kid was Bolton Landing, on the north end of Lake George. The place the Ithaca conversation took place was, I think, Bear Lake.

I was shocked to find out that in 90's Bolton Landing was discovered by the Wall Street crowd and almost all the lakefront property has been bought up and some million dollar homes have been built.

Also it wasn't last year we went up there, it the year Hilliary was running against Giuliani. I was surprised that all the upstate folks thought Hilliary was a lock and they hated her. This is before Giuliani's adultery came out and he imploded.



My parents sold their place a long time ago, but we still manage to get up to Lake George a couple of times every summer. Usually just to LG Village, but the summer before last we spent a very nice day up at Bolton Landing. You're right, a lot of expensive building has been going on, but there's a limit to how much can be done, since along most of the lake on both sides the mountains come right down to the shore and the lake and all the land surrounding it are in Adirondack Park.

Btw, one of my very first posts was on our most recent visit to Lake George. You might get a kick out of it, since you know the place.

Don't judge Syracuse by that couple. We lived in Syracuse for 13 years, so I can tell you, it's a Democratic town. Hillary's their hero and they came out strong for Kerry. And gays and lesbians have been marching in the St Patrick's Day parade for years and years, without there ever being any fuss.



Thanks for the link. A good one. I'm working on another post on the blogstorm and I'll include it. Post should be up this afternoon.


i just called rep. hinchey's office and said nice things to the staffer there about his guts to call out these thugs. i'm from minneapolis, but hey, moral support is moral support...


I dunno, maybe LGF-ers aren't all bad after all.

christheprofessor thinks that "Republicans in the House of Representative should demand an investigation of his, er, evidence..."

and that is something I could really get behind. A big, open investigation with lots of public hearings. I'm a litle skeptical that it would result in censure of Rep Hinchey, but if it's okay with Rep Hinchey and christheprofessor I reckon it's okay with me as well :-)


Yam, I think it's great that you called. Thanks.

Radish, I hope you didn't just blow christheprofessor's cover. I would have thought that his call for an investigation would make all the other LGF-ers suspect he was a mole, but I haven't heard he's been disappeared so maybe he's safe.


I say full hearings. Whoever's lying, nail 'em to the wall.

Of course Hinchey would be cleared- he wouldn't make unfounded and unsupported accusations, would he?

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