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Oh, stop. Stop!

Mac Thomason

I just link to everybody I read, or who's important, or who links to me. Of course, that means that a link on my blogroll is all but useless.


Actually, The Sidesow has been awfully heavy in the "just an assemblage of links" department, lately, because I haven't really felt much like writing. I used ot mostly write, but I'm feeling flooded lately, like I can't focus on one thing. But, historically, I've done a lot of good writing I'm pretty proud of, and I still do some from time to time. (A post I did relatively recently was good enough that I gave it a page of its own.)

And while I'm not writing, I do feel it's a good idea to send people to the places that are doing good stuff. Sending people to good stuff was always one of my priorities, and if I can't provide it myself I want them to see who can.

I suspect you may be right that Kevin was "playing dumb" - he did a related post last year in which he specifically said there were a number of good women bloggers he reads regular and he's not quite sure why he doesn't mention them more often. In the same post, he actually listed some of those women, so it's obvious he does know they're there. Maybe he had his brain washed by those women he had recently had tell him they found the blogosphere too rough-and-tumble, I dunno. I think there are a lot of guys who don't blog for the same reason but they never explain themselves because no one does posts about "Where are all the male bloggers?"

The blogroll problem is actually something I think about all the time, in the sense that I think there are many, many deserving blogs but unfortunately the more you list, the more you dilute the value of each link. In my yeart I want a very short list, but I also do want to expose people to the good blogs, and give the good blogs the exposure. So.

In other news, I'm starting to worry that George won't finish A Song of Ice and Fire before one of us dies, and that drives me a little crazy.


Re-reading what I just posted, I'm also starting to worry about whether I had a stroke and didn't notice it. I think that's more than my usual quota of typos.



I'm thrilled you've stopped by! And I hope you noticed that you're now on the blogroll, right where you should be. Talked myself into it when I wrote this post. More important: I hope all other readers here see you're there and click through. Those of you who haven't read AC's work should make a point. She was one of my first favorite bloggers back when the world was young and weblogs were new. I didn't even know to call them bloggers back then. I called them writers. She was one of my first favorite writers with a webpage. And the link work she's been doing is terrific.

Don't worry about the typos, AC. Happens to everybody. But, between you and me, and anybody else who can't get their fingers to obey sometimes---if you ever want a comment fixed in some way, drop me an email or another comment and I'll take care of it. I'm the editor here as well as the talent and that makes me God.

Also, thanks for bringing up the Fire and Ice series. I'm having a ball with A Game of Thrones. I should do a post.

Trish Wilson

I was a Koufax finalist, but Talk Left and Grits For Breakfast beat me. I'm just happy I was a finalist.

The Perranoski Prizes were just awarded at American street.

Susie from Philly

Hey, Lance, come on! Brad Blog was in the same category even though he gets 25,000 hits a day. I, on the other hand, had a measley 1200.

Too bad you didn't win, though. You would have been a lot of fun at the party.

Alan Bostick

(Lured here by Avedon's link)

Anyway, this open mouth insert keyboard move on Kevin's part seems so spectacularly blockheaded that several people have wondered if he wasn't being deliberately dim to try to stir up a good argument.

A person who would suspect this is of the same type that, in the 1930s, would praise Josef Stalin's "diabolically clever" foreign policy. I mean, come on. Kevin's cluelessness has the ring of authenticity: it is much, much easier for people of privilege to be genuinely clueless about their privilege than it is for aware people of privilege to hit just the right note in parodying lack of awareness. I've got some awareness of my own privilege; and I don't think I could have pulled off the stunt being attributed to Kevin. Occam's razor sez he was sincere, and put his foot in it.


Trish, I'm mad you didn't win as well, darnit.

Susan, you're right, I would have been fun at the party. You know why? Because the Queen never lets me sit in the corner and sulk. "I won't stand for it," she says, "I put up with quite enough of that from Charles over this whole Camilla nonsense. Now go on out there and dance, dance, dance!" The Queen likes her party, she likes her disco.


Mac, you mean all the links on your blog rolls are useless except the ones under These People Are Shrill, right? That's the important one. Right? Right? Mac?

blue girl

Hi Lance, I was just googling something and you popped up in the results. Anyway, here's a snipped from this post:

"Not only is Nance my all time favorite in her own right, she has the best comments section going, bar none. It's the only comments section I've read where not only is the writing consistently as good or better than the blogger's her/his self but the commenters also listen to each other and carry on real and for the most part civil conversations. There's not a lot of the showing off that goes on most other places either.

Isn't that weird? I mean really.

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