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Apologies advance, but it seems to be my night for picking nits. In the absence of anything intelligent to say, I'll simply point out that Moose Jaw is two words and Saskatchewan has only one "e."



I don't consider it nitpicking. I appreciate the copy editing. I'm embarrassed by the Saskatchewan misspelling, because I looked it up before I posted. But my atlas has Moose Jaw as one word. Time for a new atlas. I've fixed them both. I also added a link to Moose Jaw's official website, just to make amends. Thanks for the heads up.

harry near indy


just found your blog during late night insomnia. i enjoy it, and will add it to my regular browsing on the web.

i was born and raised in a small town in central indiana during the 1950s to 1970s. yeh, it was conformist and all that, but there was one good thing about it -- the streets had sidewalks, where you could walk and kids could ride their bikes. it also had a downtown/business district that you could walk to or ride your bike to.

nowadays, the streets in the subdivisions in that town have no sideways and no area for pedestrians. i read an article years ago in the atlantic monthly that said that is a big, big mistake. a sin of omission instead of commission, as catholic theology would put it.

also, the business district has died. small grocery stores, shoe repair shops, clothiers, coffee shops/diners/cafes, etc. -- the original owners died or retired, their kids didn't go into that line of work, and no one replaced them because big business replaced small business, as big fish eat little fish.

very sad.


Funny, Shelrock Holmes retired in the country to raise and study honeybees, while Dr.Watson decided he needed the hustle and bustle of London.

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