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j. bryant

this is ridiculous - you've got some great political posts and I'm content not to comment (I guess because I'm in agreement) but, I have to defend Serena. Initially I thought she was terrible and a joke but I think she grew into the part and earned her right to sit at the L&O kind-of-babe table (I have to say - none of them strike me as babes but I'm a female and we're much more critical of women's looks than men are). The jury is still out for me on Farina - if he can't start dialing it back I hope Eptha and Ed take him out.

Okay - I feel better I stuck up for Serena. No defending Wolf's 11th hour lesbian call - and I don't think a man would be inclined to fire a feminine lesbian anyway - in fact, I think they like them but I'm guessing on the male take of that one.

harry near indy

wolf never would have the guts to run a second chair who looked like, say, kathy bates, linda hunt or rhea perlman -- that is, an actress who isn't babealicious.

those are three who just came off the top of my head.

hell, even cathryn manheim had a pretty face, even tho' she was a big woman.

on cable, you could do it.


Psst J.,

I'm glad you chose to comment here. I like my non-political posts better anyway. I'd rather write about Law and Order than George Bush. I've already been scolded for not giving Serena her due so I can tell you there are plenty who'll appreciate your coming to her defense.


The one who bothers me is Mariska Hargitay on Special Victims Unit. She's investigating sex crimes and they let her dress like she does?


I never got used to Serena. She didn't ever get good, she just got less bad. I caught a rerun the other day of an episode with Linda Thorson (of the original Avengers...she replaced Emma Peel!) and John Schuck, and Elisabeth Rohm's acting was so awful it was breathtaking. I miss Jill Hennesey and Carey Lowell. I never liked Angie Harmon. Even before I knew her politics, I figured her for an illegitimate child of a Bush, probably George.

mac macgillicuddy

I can't remember the name of the woman cop in L&O/SVU, but if ever there was an actor who could inject real character into what is essentially a procedural-plot catalyst, it is she (her? what would William Safire say?). The male partner is very good too.

As for CI, I, too, am apalled that your 8 yo watches it ;)

harry near indy

prof mannion, you're right about hargitay. i just realized that. but she is jayne mansfield's daughter.

btw, the folks on svu, which became my favorite l&o about two years ago, even before orbach/briscoe left, are wound pretty tight.

i bet elliott goes berserk as part of the plot.

olivia is very conflicted about her conception -- remember, she's the child of a rape.

fin? a true mystery, but i don't think he's an amateur stand-up comedian at the local chuckle hut when he's off duty.

munch? briscoe without the skeptical sarcasm -- he's pretty much a nihilist, or so it seems to me.

novak? nervous as all hell, and compensating by dressing much like benson. and have you noticed she's died her hair?

cragan looks like he's like to take a drink or two, but can't because he's on the wagon.

the only one who seems low key is the chinese fbi doc, who's character's name escapes me now. maybe his character has some sort of ancient chinese meditation technique.

they could use munch and fin more often. i love the belz when he was on homicide. now THAT was a great ensemble show.


I looked in IMDB and the especially bad acting episode I mentioned was in Serena's first season. It aired in October of 2001. My son said her acting reminded him of the eighth grade drama club girls at his school. He was in the eighth grade at the time, and spoke from personal experience.


annie parisse is really whiny. i felt the same way about ben stone too.


annie parisse is really whiny. i felt the same way about ben stone too.

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