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Thanks a bunch, Deana. :) I really needed to know. Yesterday's clue probably means that one of V.F.D.'s virtues is disguise, which they probably are always in. Not every single clue has a very important meaning.....
6 more dreadful days until Book the twelfth is finally released to the general public and investigations at are finally finished.
6 miserable hours till another cumbersome clue.
P.S. Has anyone joined in the Big Unfortunate Event? I have.

Invader ZIM

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!
Oh, Im bad I'm talkin' to you from a skool computer!!
Ok Im done, so um miserable, I participated in the Big Unfortunate Event!
umm.. dont have much to say....well I guess I'll talk to you guys later!

~Invader ZIM~


SPOILERS AHEAD. DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TITLE YET. Unfortunately, I know the title. It is The Penultimate Peril. See for yourself. This website
will give truth to it. You can even check 667 Dark Avenue for the truth at the Official Thread for Book 12 spoilers. If you have accidentally read this post, I am terribly sorry.


Terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly, etc. sorry. And many more.....


Well I'm participating in The Big Unfortunate Event, perferably the quiz. It would be great to test my Lemony Snicket knowledge. But it's also the most efficiant for me. Anyhows, INvader ZIM where are you? I'm sorry to hear about the spoiler, though i's good to know the title, for some reason it's saddening... Well today's clue shows that small figre at the bottom is not Sunny, so I have no clue who it is now. Anyways I got to go do my chores but I'll be back! Take care! Deana

The real Violet

hi! i am new here

The real Violet

can someone talk? hell-o!


Actually, I can talk. Hello and welcome to the site. Nice to meet you. And, whatever you do, don't read the spoiler I posted.

Invader ZIM

OMG!!!! I found a website 2 with the title and the cover of the book and its true SPOILER!!!!!! the title is the Pulitimate Peril. Deana, I have been real busy and I'll E-Mail you soon!!!
Ok if you didnt read miserables post and read my post and read the title I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry!!
Umm if you want to find the title and the FULL cover of the book go here (this is where i found it)

Well srry to all you who didnt want to know....

~Invader ZIM~

The real Violet

misrible i did thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invader ZIM

Oh and I found what Penultimate means it means next to the last so...yeah...4 all those like me who dont know what penultimate means.....

Invader ZIM

ok, Hi Alexandra what do you want to talk about it would be easier if you emailed me me at

~Invader ZIM~

The real Violet

miserable i did not find the website

The real Violet

srry invader zim my dad say i can not e-mail anyone exept lemony snicket

The real Violet

i am spoiled rotten my parents said they will buy me all of the books from a seris of unfortunate events


Hey guys sorry i havnt been on in about 4 days. I looked at the picture. I just couldn't resist. But luckily for me thbat's the american version so it really isn't spoiled for me (well the title is). But sure it's out in a couple of days anyway so we were going to find out. Nice to see that some people are going to promise not to spoil while we are all reading it. I promise by the way if no one read my last post.


book the twelfth is called the penultimate peril. a lady went to a bookstore and found it and took a picture of it with her camera phone. i know what the cover looks like and on the bottom
the title is there.


Hey Alexandra, it's a pleasure to meet you. Weclome to the site. Hey everybody. Invader ZIM thanks for the spolier. I mean it's nice to know it now and just get it over with. I mean in the end we're getting it anyways. It's the "inside" that counts. Well Alexandra and for all those who don't know, The Big Unfortunate Event is an event that takes place October 22nd. It's for L.S. fans, I suppose or just for fun. There's an option of 4 things you can do that day related to L.S. for more details go to: homepage and click the link there. Or to go directly just go to this link:
I hope you find this useful, if not, sorry about that. Take care ya'll. I'll talk later! Deana
P.S. Alexandra, if you're parents do decide to let you email mine is:
I'm always open to a good conversation or book.


Today's Clue is a list of VFD variables.


The Real Violet- Never mind. Go to and find the one about The Penultimate Peril. If you click on the picture of the cover, you will find a bigger picture of the picture of the cover(whole). If you click on comments, you will find the Dear Reader letter on the back of the book and a link to some spoilers on the first few chapters. The link is;article=4460;title=The%20Lemony%20Snicket%20Message%20Board
Just copy the link and paste onto the part where you're supposed to put the web address in. Then, click on "SPOILER FOR FIRST FEW CHAPTERS." There you'll find the spoilers for some of the chapters. If you want to.
To everybody else, is anybody still going to go to Cause since we already know the title(which was the whole point of the site), what's the point? I'm still going. I want to see how the site gives us the title. Also, how come everybody else can see Alexandra's posts and I can't?


I emailed the person who got the book early at about the letter to the editor. Here's the transcript:
To My Kind Editor,
The end is near.
With all due respect,
Lemony Snicket
This is pretty much all that's needed to be explained. Book the thirteenth is near the editor. Book the thirteenth is coming soon. Any other thoughts on what "the end is near" means? There is a rumour that book 13 will come out 6/06/06. Some people think that this is the date a new thing will be live, but this may be wrong. Today's clue list some of the things V.F.D. stand for, like Verse Fluctuation Declaration or Vocabulary Frequently Degraded. It also lists The Dastardly Denouement for some mysterious reason. I think this is the title but you never know.
To another subject, I'm going to go to my local bookstore to see if they've released Book 12 already. If they haven't, I will pay them as much as they want for them to open the book 12 boxes early(most book stores usually get the book stocks early). It's either that or I will kill(not really). I seriously can't wait for the book anymore. I NEED THE PENULTIMATE PERIL. If I do get the book early, which I probably won't, does anybody want to see the first few paragraphs?


Never mind about that last part. It doesn't matter anymore. I can wait.....

Caspian s

they are coming, and oh. they have a cave troll.

i'm back! haaaaahahahahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

open the stage doors for caspian s!

no, boromir, caspian s.


anyway, welcome to the swift return of caspian stewart.

and may i say, you have really been working on those facts about the book. have any of you worked out the message in my final mail before todays comeback? no??? golly gosh...

well here it is, i was actually telling you the name of the twelth book, giving you some true, some false and made up facts to give it to you, but by some of the mails above i see you got it for yourselves.

soooo, how is everyone? has anyone else got the twelth book yet?

caspian s

by the way, this is meant for one person only, and that person will know who i mean, so no reading: i have sent you another special birthday present in the post, and it's name is from a certain twelth book!

speak soon, bye!

okay, boromir, your turn.


Welcome back Caspian S. Do you think that we are finally seeing Sir from book the fifth? On the cover taht is.


Yes, the steamboat seriously didn't seem right about Book the Twelfth. Definitely. Oh, and Caspian S, we haven't seen you in a while. By the way Count 54, it's book the fourth, not book the fifth.


Hey everyone! I'm still going to I still like to go see clues and such. Then again finally tomorrow, the release of the book. I'm so excited! I think they'll just give out the title there in the "Congratulations you've completed the task for Mystery the Third" thing. Miseralble Alexandra is "the real Violet" so if you can see those posts as well you're ok. "The end is near" could mean something refering to the plot/story of the Baudelaires. Or L.S. Or maybe even VFD. I don't know, that's my guess... Or it could be Beatrice. I still don't know. Anyhow, hey Caspian! Good to see you on the site again! I couldn't crack any message from your last post. Sorry. Thanks for THAT though. And about today's clue, what does everyone think about the man with the tophat and mustache? He doesn't LOOK like anyone I've seen in the series before. Well see ya'll later! Deana

Invader ZIM

HI peepls I AM SO EXICETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I CANT BELIEVE THE LONG AWIATED BOOK THE TWELFTH IS COMING OUT TOMMARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(srry at the moment i forgot how to spell "tommaro" correctly :P ) THat is like ALL i can think about.......

~Invader ZIM~


I'm hoping that Lemony, himself, will make an appearance in the book. It did say that he was going to meet Kit at Hotel D. Anybody else hope so?

Lance Mannion



It is time to put an end to this comment thread. Please stop, cease, desist, a word which here means there are too many comments on this page and since the new novel comes out today this is a good time to begin a whole new thread, where you can post all the comments you like.

You can find the new post here if you click on the link:

Finally , a very fortunate event in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Enjoy the new thread. Remember to bookmark it or put it in your favorites.

With all due respect,

Lance Mannion

tables haven't turned for me

i love the series and i want the 12th so bad!!!


I'll tell you all the books from The Bad Begining, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, The Miserable Mill, The Austere Acadamy, The Erzatz Elevator, The Vile Village, The Hostile Hospital, The Carnivorous Carnival, The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril, The Notorious Notations.


I cant wait for book 13!!!
When will it release?

lemony snicits

the hotel d stands for hotel of documents

hp rox

HP ROX but series of unfortunate events is good too


I am going insane over trying to figure out information about the 13th book!What is the name,when is it coming out,when will my questions come to an end?Are you sure the name of it is The Notorious Notations,because someone above said that The Pen.Peril would be called The Tumbling Towers and a bunch of other stuff!I guess we'll just have to wait!


so,penultimate stands for:next-to last,and peril means:danger, so that absolutely means there is a 13th book!(not that no one here doesn't know that,i am just explaining why there is a 13th book!)I can't seem to find the clue in the 12th book,can someone tell me?

Joshua Williams

I think that # thirteen is comeing on October 13 because I got an E-mail that told me that it would come on the 2nd friday the thirteenth and thats October 13th!!!!!!!


hey i got that email to!!!!


Thanx for ur help


the 12th book is really called the penultimate peril


I think the book was very good I give it a 5 star out of 5 becuase I just loved it ! I am looking forward to reading the next book !


The Notorious Notations is coming out March 1st. Does anyone have any information about it??? That's only 20 days from now...

TWWBQI 20 days!


How do you know it is called the Notorious Notations?I promise you,it is not coming out March 1st!Like casey said,it will probably come out Oct.13!


I meant Josh,Not casey


Whaz up? its me!!!!!!! halabebe!!!!! for those who remember me Hi. For those who don't hi. I have been here a long time i just have not had much time. I am also from New Orleans. I just finally had time. Have you noticed that in The Penultimate Peril, Mrs. Bass (from The Austere Acadamy) robbes a bank. And in TAA in the begining of chapter six it says "Prufrock Prepatory School is now closed. It has been closed for many years, ever since Mrs. Bass was arrested for bank robbery, and if you were to visit it now, you were to visit it now, you would find it an empty and silent place." Isn't that cool?!!

with all do respect

Joe momma

what does V.F.Dstand for any way. Is the book based on a true story or what. I love the series but its starting to drag on and the books need more action.


Hi! this is my 1st time here.I didn't know so many ppol read
SUE.Y does V.F.D. stand 4 so many things?!N e way,did u know
about LS's public announcement?i found the revelations about the book he 13th a bit wierd .I know ol of u knows more about SUE...I learned a lot.Bye


hello eyeryone, not to be rude, but Mr. Mannion kinda closed this board. Scroll up a bit and you will see FINALLY, A VERY FORTUNATE EVENT IN A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, and click on it. there u can talk about ASOUE for awhile!



hey guys i'm finally back. Its been awhile hasn't it. Well i read all the books. Does anyone know when the 13th book comes out?


hi alexis! its nice for you to finally be back! we missed you. scroll up and go to FINALLY, A VERY FORTUNATE EVENT IN A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. there you can talk to the old peeps. Also, i was reading the whole message board, and i never read one that had said, "I am leaving because you guys are ignoring me" Posted by Alexis. So i am terribly sorry if i was one.

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