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book thirteen is coming out october 13


we all know that


"The Notorious Notations"<


I have cover art for the last book "THE END" (book 13)!!!


me too. in the picture olaf is dead.


Well orcacam07, you were not one of the people. I just fel left out because i did not read all of the books. But i have now so if you have any questions or comments i would be happy to respond. And does anybody know what happend to katie? And Joe Momma, i really like ur name. LOL


Where is everyone


Hey, im sam i just wanted to ask, is there a 13th book or does it only fnish at 12.

Linda Landers

the last book is going to be called "The End"
if you go to you can subscribe to it and get info.


do these letters make a word?:

B R W M A E V H C S G P ?


Yay! Te 13th book was out yesterday!(Fridat the 13th)


I'm buying it today probably!



kyle irwn

this book is dumb it's boring and count olaf is not dead u dumb a**

kyle irwn

this book is dumb it's boring and count olaf is not dead u dumb a**


yeah that last book was awsome.


hiya don't know if this is like and active board or not but what did you think about the 13th book? first of all i was like yay that was so awesome but then i started to think and i thought that so many things were left unexplained...such as the quagmire triplets, the sugar bowl...what do the letters VFD stand for????




NO! THIS BOOK CAN'T be the last one! AHHHH


Hey guys, i dont think you remeber me but i used to come on this site. Well i read all the books made by LS. Personally i think he ended the series poorly. I mean wats in the sugar bowl, wat happend to the Quagmeir triplets, wat happenns to babay beatrice, how will her life turn out, wat will happen to vfd??????? I know the series was full of mysteries but i dont think he should of left us thinking about it. What do you guys think?

Allyssa Altman

I have read all the books and want there to be a 14th! What happened to the Baudelaires? I have the Beatrice letters, and I decoded the secret message. Did their boat sink? :)

Omar Noori

Hey! Tristan Vanech! I thought you had ((MONEY)!


The 13th book was very confusing. Check chapter 12 or 13 where Kit is dying from that weird mushroom that I can't spell, why did Olaf kiss her and why did she respond in that way and becouse he kissed her, they must have had some kind of relationship along time ago so did Olaf go bad or did Kit go good or did Kik just come to her sences or what?

RHPS fan

Tim Curry rocks


Hello pals


These books are the best books I have ever got to the seventh books in a seires of chapter books I have seen the movie and I thought it was pretty good in my class at sugar creek elementary school my teatcher has read the books to us and we got to the seventh book she has never got to th sixth book we all loved these books they are very, very good.


hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really new here! I LOVE a series of unfortunate events!!!!! it ROCKS!!!!!!


omg ive read all of them . or maybe it's because it's been two years. the 13th book came out october 13, 2006 for anyone wondering and the secong movie might not be made. 13 was called The End and 12 was the Penultimate Peril.

~ voldy ~
P.S. Harry Potter rocks


It was a bright morning as the sun blazed down on the Village hidden in the leaves. Birds chirped over the tall walls that stood over the large place. It seemed like any other ordinary day, until Naruto, Neji and Kakashi were called in to the Hokages office.
“Whats up Granny?” Naruto said, entering the room with Neji and Kakashi. Tsuande sat there with her head resting on her hands.
“Something urgent has just come up…You remember Mizuki, The traitor that tried to steal that scroll…Well, he escaped from Prison last night.”
“What?! How?” Naruto exclaimed.
“We aren’t sure.” Tsunade replied. “But he managed to kill 2 Jonin on his way out. We have been tracking him and checking his files. We can’t guarantee it %100…But we believe he is a close companion with Orochimaru. If that’s true, he probably went to him as soon as he escaped.”
“So what do you want us to do?” Neji said. Tsunade sighed.“First, I need you to head to the Sand Village. I need you to convince Gaara of the Sand to help us with this mission. I usually wouldn’t do this, calling in ninjas from other villages, but this is a dangerous mission. He seemed like the perfect person to go up against Orochimaru if you have an encounter with him.”
“If we have an encounter with him…Tsunade, what do you mean?” Kakashi finally spoke.
Tsunade closed her eyes. “Your mission is to bring Gaara of the sand with you on this mission, and then invade Orochimaru’s hideout in search of Mizuki. If you find him, we want you to bring him back alive for questioning.”
“We’ll do it.” Naruto and Neji said together.
Later that night, Naruto, Neji and Kakashi set off. Heading toward the sand village would take a good day on foot.
“We’ll set up camp here.” Kakashi said, stopping the two. They were in the middle of a large forest that was infested with bugs and spiders. They set up their tents and went to sleep, But were quickly awoken by the sound of a voice.
Neji jumped up quickly, followed by Kakashi running out of his tent and drawing a kunai. Naruto rubbed his eye as he got out unsteadily.
“Whats going on?” Naruto said through a yawn.
Neji focused his eyes on the trees ahead of him. “Byakugan!”
Neji looked for a moment, and then gasped. “It’s Gaara of the Sand!”
The team ran through the trees and landed in a clearing to find Gaara standing next to a dead body as Vultures came down and chewed on the mans artiery.
“What are you guys doing here?” Gaara said, noticing them.
“We were just about to ask you the same thing.” Naruto said, still rubbing his eyes and yawning.
“I spotted this guy about to stab one of our villagers with a Demon Wind Shuriken. Once he saw me coming after him, He just kept running, until he reached here. Then I got him.”
“Okay….Well, we need you for a mission.” Naruto said. “It’s an order from Granny Tsunade.”
Naruto then explained the situation.
“So, are you in?” Kakashi said with a blank face.
“Why not. I want to prove myself worthy of being trusted by the Hidden Leaf…Plus I’m bored….”
Now that they had Gaara, they were ready to set off for Orochimaru’s hideout.
“How are we going to find a secret lair?” Neji asked.
“Easy.” Kakashi said, and then performed hand seals, followed by throwing his hand to the ground.
Smoke faded over the forest grass. When it flew away, Pakkun the dog stood there, licking his side.
“Whats up?” Pakkun said.
“I need you to track down a scent.” Kakashi said. “Orochimaru’s scent.”
“No problem…” Pakkun said. He took a quick sniff, and then flew off.
“Follow me.”
The group hopped through several trees as leaves and birds sped past them.
“We’re getting close.” Pakkun announced. Then, suddenly, Naruto froze. He just realized-If he was going to Orochimaru’s lair…There was a possibility of finding Sasuke….
“Naruto, whats wrong?” Gaara said, noticing Naruto wasn’t moving.
“Nothing.” Naruto said in a deep, cold voice. They continued through the forest.


“We’re here.” Pakkun said. They were in the middle of a clearing with a roaring waterfall behind them.
“Nothings here.” Naruto said in frustration.
“Well, I was expecting vistors.” A voice said.
They all turned around and gasped. Orochimaru was standing before them with a cold smile on his face.
“Pakkun, Thank you. But Its time for you to go.” Kakashi said with a look of determination.
“Got it.” Pakkun said, then poofed away.
“So, where’s Mizuki?” Gaara said as he took a step forward.
“Why would I tell you that?” Orochimaru said with a laugh, but then frowned. “I can tell that I’m no match for all of you, so I’ll have to stall you. I’ve been waiting to use this, anyway.”
Orochimaru created several hand seals, and then clapped his hands together.
“Summoning: Impure World Resurrection!” He shouted.
The ground shook, and a piece of the ground cracked, followed by a dark casket shooting out of the ground.
“Reanimation.” Kakashi said, suddenly revealing his Sharingan. “I hear you have to sacrifice one of your own men to use that forbidden jutsu…So…Who was it?”
“After Kabuto actually managed to heal my arms, he became of no use to me.” Orochimaru said laughing.
“You’re sick.” Neji said, activating his Byakugan.
Suddenly, the casket opened, revealing a tall man with a sword perched on his back, and his mouth covered up in cloth.
“Zabuza?!” Kakashi and Naruto exclaimed together. Orochimaru laughed and disappeared under the waterfall while shouting, “Have fun!”
“Naruto, Neji, Gaara.” Kakashi said. “I’ll deal with him. You follow Orochimaru. Be careful.”
“Yes sir!” They all yelled, and then zoomed off to the waterfall.
“Well Zabuza, it seems I’ll have to whoop you again…”
*fight begins*

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