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Art, politics, books, movies, television, theater, parenting, home repair, caffeine addiction---you name it, we blog about it at .

"BLOG: Lance Mannion. A little bit of this, little bit of that: art, culture, politics, life, all in the tenor of a lively conversation with your smarter friend over coffee or bourbon. Often erudite, never oppressive—makes learning fun! Frequently funny, what's more, and the source of an all-time favorite fortune cookie (OGIC)."---From Terry Teachout and Our Girl in Chicago's Top Five List at About Last Night, March 2005.

"Manly name, manly blog..." James Wolcott.

"Gives good baseball blog..." Shakespeare's Sister.

"Most lovable sore loser..." Suburban Guerrilla.

"Where does the boy find the time?" Neddie Jingo.