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September 16, 2008


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Auntie Velv

Oliver, Shermie just started middle school too, and the locker thing was an especially gripping adventure. Then, just when he got the hang of it, the school switched everyone's lockers! He's got the hang of it now, but the complicated schedule and the new stuff like lockers and a bigger school are certainly a lot to get used to.

By the way, he's plannining a birthday party Columbus day weekend at a place near NannyPopMannion. Hope you all can come! Details soon. You can exchange tales of woe over tall mugs of root beer.


Hi Oliver. I, too, had a locker of doom. I had it for 6 years and had more problems with it than I can probably even remember. It jammed, it refused to open, and became infested with spiders, just to name a few. Many years later, I still remember it's combination, 23-33-10. I can't get the thing out of my mind! It drove me nuts!!!

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