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Fiddlin Bill

Too bad we didn't nominate Lana Turner in 1948. She was perfect in Postman. Oh Lana, get up, we still love you.


I think how well Trump played depended on how far in the bag for him you were. To me he always came off like the asshole boss who would call you in Friday at 4:30 and dump his hopelessly fucked project on with the warning that the client expected it completed by Monday at noon. Whose breath stank of the shot of cheap bourbon he'd had in anticipation of meeting his mistress at the hotel bar in an hour and who would grin at you in that slightly threatening way, like a sort of scary clown from a horror flick.

And I think that was largely because I 1) knew what a shitshow his "businesses" had been, and because of that 2) thought he came off like a jackass on his reality show.

The other part of the problem is that you can't run an actual republic based on curb appeal. The Athenians tried this with a joker named Alcibiades some time ago. It didn't end well.

FWIW, I wrote about this (in a longer post about Lance Armstrong, of all people...) about eight years back:

"I don't know if Lance the politician has the potential to be our Alcibiades. None of us does - in fact, we don't really know the man at all. The problem is that our celebrity-infatuation makes us feel like we do. So we keep electing our Lances. And Reagans. And Schwartzeneggers. And Sonny Fucking Bonos.

After all, they're celebrities. We hear about them and see them and know all about their lives. They're so strong, and so pretty, and it's like they're our friends because we know them so well.

How could they possibly ever betray us..?"

El Jefe

@Fiddlin Bill,

High-drama Lana before no-drama Obama? Interesting proposition :)


Again, as I've said a lot lately, what you said. The line about Alcibiades was perfect, and quite apropos. Time to start scanning the map looking for our Sicily....


Have we checked on Liz Warren's relations, her gene pool, to see how long-lived they are? Because she really is the closest thing we have to FDR. If Obama actually was what a lot of Boomers spent a couple decades deluding themselves into thinking Jack Kennedy played at (and I agree with you entirely that Obama, despite his flaws, was probably the most decent human being in the White House since Lincoln, or at the very least since Teddy Roosevelt), the Senator Professor lives more in Franklin's neck of the woods, mixed with a little backwoods firebrand from her Oklahoma youth. Seth Moulton's too young, Julian Castro and Corey Booker a little too compromised by neoliberal ties (their campaigns have done a little too well out of contributions from the party's Rockefeller Republicans) and I'm not sure Castro in particular, despite his prominent appearance at conventions, is ready for prime time, and I think Tulsi Gabbard needs more seasoning. Power is lying in the street right now -- quite literally, as women I know personally march across the country and other crowds (including my seventyish in-laws for one) mass in Democratic strongholds like Portland -- and Warren has to consider very carefully whether she wants -- she *needs* to, but does she want to? -- to pick it up. Because it's hers for the taking. And while you mention being good on television I will say again her Twitter account was the best-run Democratic campaign of the entire cycle. As for television I will just refer to the rest of her political career and say, damn, she's a quick study.

El Jefe

A reflection on watching some of the speeches from the marches (Including the Senator Professor's -- as a fellow displaced Southerner I love how the Oklahoma in her voice comes out more the more worked up she gets) I would add to the list, given ten to fifteen years of getting into the business, America Ferrera. I haven't seen an actor who actually needed (as opposed to wanted) to go into politics, who had what it actually takes, like that since Paul Newman. (We got some great movies out of his reticence but the Democratic Party lost a powerful voice who could actually speak to some of the people we've long since lost to the right-wing news bubble.) Find her (Ferrera) a good seat in one of the SoCal districts and get her into Congress RFN. I would delight in such a smart, unflappable, strategic-thinker daughter of Honduran immigrants giving those purple-faced plutocrats fits..

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