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El Jefe

:) Was this some kind of mind-meld? Here I am beavering away on comments for the "FDR Deficit Hawk?" post and you had this in the hopper. Quite a thing. And, yes: Heather Cox Richardson is particularly good on the original-recipe GOP's record on liberal-Liberal attachment to infrastructure improvements, from Lincoln hisownself up to Eisenhower and the interstate. It was in fact one of the deepest engines of contention in that old GOP, what was fundamentally a Liberal party in the European understanding of the word running between a "liberal" wing which favored moderated versions of those kinds of ideas (mostly infrastructure stuff, from Lincoln and internal improvements to TR to Eisenhower to Rocky's somewhat unholy alliance with Robert Moses where in a very American way soaring infrastructure and racial redlining combined) versus a hard-right wing that wanted a Market red in tooth and claw. We know, of course, which one won in the end. Indeed our picture of the parties might be a good deal more different without two events to do with the Roosevelts: TR's failure to either lead the GOP away from the robber barons in 1912 or to build a viable Progressive party as a trending-ever-leftward alternative for liberal-Liberals and social democrats alike (outright Socialists still had Eugene Debs to turn to, God bless him and I mean that earnestly); and FDR's ability to, in many ways, to just-enough utterly transform the Democrats between his role defeating the "Klan-bake" of 1924 and offering a viable alternative to that wicked old grandee racist John Nance Garner in '32.


As a lot of people point out, the US got a lot of good stuff when the south seceded. That's how we got free land for settlers, the railroads and the land grant college system. It's almost tempting to suggest that the south secede again, but this time don't let them come back.

If you want to make America great again, you have to get rid of the guys who want to make America great again.

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