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Davis X. Machina
And their only explanation for the perversity of voters refusing to do what leftists know is best for them and everyone is they are corrupt or ignorant. If the former, they are irredeemable. But there’s nothing wrong with the latter a little consciousness raising can’t sure. They can be saved, if only they can be made to listen to reason and submit to some re-education.

Hear, hear. The difference between 'political correctness' and 'false consciousness' is so small as to be undetectable sometimes...


So thinking that we should arrange society so that people have some decent opportunities even if they are not rich means that I am a "frustrated authoritarian". We have traffic regulations that do not give larger more expensive cars higher speed limits, cheaper insurance, or more parking opportunities - clearly our traffic regulations were thought up by 'frustrated authoritarians'.

Lance Mannion

Prof.Pedant, I don't know. Does it? I don't know you. I thought I was pretty clear I was talking about leftists I've known.

But I didn't know that only leftists thought we should arrange society so that people should have some decent opportunities even if they aren't rich. It's something people across the whole political spectrum believe. The differences are in how and whoshould be given the power to do the arranging. Authoritarians of all political persuasions think it should be themselves or their surrogates exclusively.

And that's how it is with the leftists I've known. It's not that they think we should arrange society one way or another, it's that they're certain that they know best how to arrange it and should be the ones to do the arranging. They also reserve the right to define what makes such a society.

As for the people who think up traffic regulations, I don't know if they're frustrated authoritarians, but a lot of people who enforce those regulations sure are.


Fine. Then I am a frustrated authoritarian because I think that people should have access to health care, not fear retiring in poverty, and other things.

That I have ideas about how to accomplish these things does not make me authoritarian, but dismissing my thoughts before I have even expressed them comes across as the speech of someone who believes that he has the authority and right to decide what ideas can be discussed. Labeling people so that their ideas are 'justifiably ignored' before they have even expressed those ideas is nothing more than telling people to shut up because you have decided that they are 'bad people'.

If you want a real challenge as a writer try rewriting your post without using labels to cast aspersions on people. [Note: "Leftists I have known" is an evasive way to demonize all leftists. The "I have known" is just a 'wink wink, you can't attack what I've said because you don't know whom I know'. For example "the New Yorkers I have known were real jerks", but if you take exception to that all I have to do to perfectly defend myself - and thumb my nose at you for 'over-reacting' - is to point out that I actually do not know you. And I definitely do not know you because your earlier writing gave me the impression that you would have not stooped to such an attack.]

If you want to attack the ideas of the left, fine. But do not attack the people who are trying to do the very best they can and who are told over and over that they have nothing to offer even though they are never listened to.

I have spent far too much of my life keeping my mouth shut because of self-appointed 'good people' like you, and I am pretty darn fed up with being told that I am either intrinsically wrong or naively impractical.

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