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It's pandering by the right wing that creates monstrosities like these two.

Look, the left has its fair share of nutcases (some of my farthest left friends almost circle completely about to far right wingers. If it wasn't for the stands on racism and misogyny...) yet you rarely hear about a left winger shooting up a theatre or restaurant, because the paranoia lefties DO thrive on is a corporate conspiracy to rule the world.

In my book, that's far more likely than a President, in conjunction with a dysfunctional Congress, somehow conspiring to take over the country with the tacit support of the courts AND the military.

There will be no more revolutions for the foreseeable future, simply because no matter how many guns you own, they are still just guns and still wildly inadequate against the greatest military force in the world with its tanks and drones and tactical weaponry.

And I'm not talking about the DoD. I'm talking about the average urban police department.

Because who in their right mind thinks there will be no resistance from the 50 governors and God knows how many mayors to upsetting the status quo? They'll go after these nuts full force and with no mercy.


I've always thought the Left has been gun-shy (so to speak) since its been the subject of smack-downs from the State since the days of bomb-throwing anarchists. The Right has never been subjected to that level of State violence, and so the fringes are more susceptable to the siren song of talk-show hosts encouraging them to "take back their country". I don't count Branch Dividians as right-wing since their politics (whatever they were) were not what attracted govenment attention.

Calling the right paranoid instead of crazy still dodges the main question, "what's driving this"? My guess is that its rooted in loss of privlege. The middle class is getting ground into dust, college is out of reach, graduates can't find work. The people who thought they were entitled to a comfortable life are watching it fade away, and there is an industry telling them who to blame. Those people, that's who. Not us. We follow the rules, we work hard and play fair. Those people don't.

This kind of thing usually doesn't end well for anyone.

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