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Guy Andrew hall

You must have missed the line where Erik informs his co-workers that he suffers from a brain tumor. Hence all the drugs.....


I love these movies, wholeheartedly. I really do. They're awesome and even if the THOR flicks weren't part of the Marvelverse, I'd love them.

And you know what? Maybe it's just my unhealthy infatuation with Kat Dennings (who will, heartbreakingly, be too old to play the lead in the TOTALLY INEVITABLE screen adaptation of my book), but I think Darcy is a terrific character. I love how the films -- both of them, now -- manage to make the crucial distinction between competence in the world she's entered and intelligence. She's goofy, and she's woefully unprepared for the type of work she's doing, but she's not stupid, by any means.

Anyway, I loved this movie to pieces.


I didn't grow up reading comic books, nor am I a big fan of the superhero genre that's been so big in movies for the past decade-plus. So I was not an easy sell when I started reading your critiques of the Marvel movies. But reading them let me enjoy "Captain America" and "Iron Man" quite a bit, and the first Thor to a lesser extent. (As with the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie, the scenes on Earth were excellent, but the scenes on the other planet/dimension were pretty bad.) I'm looking forward to seeing the second Thor, as well as the third Iron Man and "The Avengers," whenever they finally make their way to my cable provider.

Lance Mannion

GAH, I didn't catch that! I thought all those meds he dumps on the way out of the hospital were given him by the doctors on the psych ward.

Jaquandor, excellent point about Darcy.

wwolfe, Thanks. I'm glad to hear that. I feel like my work here is done. :)


Incidentally, your writing about Helmsworth here reminds me of some of your writing about another strong, silent, all-powerful type: Christopher Reeves as Superman. I'm seeing a lot of the same qualities in Helmsworth.

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